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Engineering Teams in a Time of Corona

Engineering Teams in a Time of Corona

It’s been a month since San Francisco and the surrounding counties announced a lockdown, and at least a couple of weeks in most of the US. The good news is that it’s possible to build software even when everyone is staying at home every day, unlike a lot of jobs!

The bad news is this isn’t remote working, not the way that anyone has ever talked about it before. In the words of Juan Pablo Buritica, this is “stuck at home work”, and that’s much worse.

André Arko

April 16, 2020

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  1. April 16, 2020 Engineering Teams in a Time of Corona

  2. 1. How a global pandemic is affecting us 2. What

    does this mean for “productivity”? 3. A baseline for pandemic remote work 4. Explicit communication and modeling 5. Recruiting and interviewing 6. It’s a marathon, not a sprint 7. Q&A 2
  3. trapped in our homes where we are at today 3

  4. this is the new normal 4 bad news: it’s a

    global pandemic
  5. down to zero is a good start reset your expectations

  6. what is this “productivity” you speak of? productivity and success

  7. in the time of corona how to work 7

  8. write it, slack it, email it, zoom it implicit to

    explicit 8
  9. have a good night everyone, I’m logging off for the

    day model new norms 9
  10. 10 async is the new sync less meetings, more communication

  11. are you best ever at computerings? interviews 11

  12. i don’t make the rules, sorry sprints are over, this

    is a marathon 12
  13. maybe even answers! questions? 13

  14. Further reading How to adapt to a long term crisis

    by Aisha Ahmad Work in the Time of Corona by Alice Goldfuss Remote Interviewing by Moishe Lettvin Pairing: A Guide to Fruitful Collaboration by André Arko A guide to distributed teams by Juan Pablo Buriticá and Katie Womersley A Crash Course in Remote Management by Cate Huston
  15. Useful tools Screen sharing - Screen.so - Tuple.app - Zoom

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