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Pairing: a guide to fruitful collaboration ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ

Pairing: a guide to fruitful collaborationย ๐Ÿ“๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ

Despite general consensus that pairing is good, the desire to pair doesnโ€™t come with instructions. Come to this talk to learn how to pair with someone more experienced, how (and why) to pair with your peers, and how to pair productively with someone less experienced. (Hint: productivity isnโ€™t about the speed of new features.) Pairing is a fantastic tool for your professional toolbox: letโ€™s design, discuss, refine, and refactor, together.

Andrรฉ Arko

April 16, 2018

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  1. Pairing a guide for fruitful collaboration

  2. Andrรฉ Arko @indirect

  3. therubyway.io

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  6. None
  7. what is pairing

  8. None
  9. two developers with one machine

  10. two developers solving problems

  11. two developers collaborating

  12. two developers communicating

  13. Pairing Pitfalls % showing off in๏ฌnite bikesheds constant judgement

  14. Pairing Pitfalls % showing off in๏ฌnite bikesheds constant judgement

  15. Pairing Pitfalls

  16. Pairing needs trust

  17. Pairing needs communication

  18. Pairing needs cooperation

  19. Pairing needs consent

  20. intentionally create your environment

  21. keep everyone balanced

  22. ready? donโ€™t start coding.

  23. reach for shared understanding

  24. build clear expectations

  25. consider testing together

  26. do not! โ€œhere, let me do this really quickly myselfโ€

  27. instead stay on the same page

  28. the key is consent and clear expectations

  29. pairing while less experienced

  30. you arenโ€™t an unproductive burden

  31. you share half of the control

  32. your experience is unique and valuable

  33. your ideas are valid and worthwhile

  34. ask questions about everything

  35. remember theyโ€™re just another person

  36. more experienced pairing while

  37. gatekeeping elitism reject

  38. block your bad habits do whatโ€™s needed to

  39. to level up your skills take this chance

  40. a relationship programming is

  41. any questions? Thanks!

  42. therubyway.io [email protected] @indirect bundler.io rubytogether.org

  43. therubyway.io [email protected] @indirect bundler.io rubytogether.org

  44. therubyway.io [email protected] @indirect bundler.io rubytogether.org