Update of Interledger Protocol(インターレジャープロトコルの最新事情)

Update of Interledger Protocol(インターレジャープロトコルの最新事情)

Provide an update on the growing Interledger (now almost 20 nodes) and
Codius host (over 500 hosts) networks showing some demos of how to deploy a Codius contract
and make and receive payments using Interledger.


Mr. Adrian hope Bailie

An engineer with deep experience in payments, distrubuted systems and technical standards. He has recently joined Coil as Head of Interledger, after 3 years at Ripple where he was part of the team that developed the Interledger protocol. He is currently the Co-chair of the Web Payments Working Group at W3C.

元Ripple・現Coil Head developper 、World Wide Web Consortium(ワールド・ワイド・ウェブ・コンソーシアム)Web Payments Working Group「Interledger Payment Method」Organizer