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Business Applications Summit 2021みた

Business Applications Summit 2021みた

Power BI 勉強会 GW合宿 最終夜 - connpass https://powerbi.connpass.com/event/211235/


Yoichi Ishikawa

May 05, 2021


  1. Business Applications Summit 2021みた 2021/05/05 石川 陽一

  2. ディスクレーマ等 意見は私石川陽一の私見です。 機能等の理解が浅い、間違いを含む 可能性があります。

  3. • Citizen Developer • auカブコム • Power BI, Power Platform,

    M365, EMS • 東京・町田在住 • 心臓にIoTデバイスICD埋め込みあり • 今年からコミュニティを開始 「市民開発者 なってみよう!」 #TryCivicEngr 石川 陽一 @ishiayaya
  4. MBAS 閲覧のポイント

  5. • Keynote大事 • アカウント登録あんまり関係なし • セッション検索 • ページ内でも検索 • セッションによって提供の詳細いろいろ

    • 動画、画面クリック、→(5秒先)、一時停止 • Real world stories:事例(神戸市も)
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  14. Data Preparation in Power BI, Power Platform and Excel using

    Power Query Mahesh Prakriya Group Program Manager Miguel Llopis Program Manager Lead Citizen Data Integration Team @ Microsoft
  15. Text/CSV by example

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  19. Learn more about Power Query  www.powerquery.com  https://aka.ms/PowerQueryBlog 

    https://powerquery.microsoft.com/en- us/resources/  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/power-query/  https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/powerquery- m/power-query-m-reference
  20. Power Query Experiences – Roadmap Get Data Get Data UX

    enhancements in Power Query Online – reuse existing connections, accelerators, etc. Upload local files without requiring use of a Gateway (in Power Query Online) Text/CSV By Example in Power Query Online Excel Auto-Suggested Tables in Power Query Online Enhancements to Power BI QuickCreate – New Connectors (Excel, CSV, Dataverse, etc.) Query Editor UX Performance enhancements for authoring in Power Query Online Support for multi-value parameters Custom column UX enhancements – option to specify output column type
  21. Power BI (Peek into the future Part 1): Vision &

    Roadmap Arun Ulagaratchagan, CVP Intelligence Platform
  22. $10/user Free Included $5,000/P1 $20/user

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  24. Introducing Power BI Goals Arun Ulagaratchagan CVP Intelligence Platform Justyna

    Lucznik Principal Program Manager
  25. Creating Goals

  26. Extending Goals

  27. Consuming Goals

  28. Automated status rules Rollups Customize & format Scorecards ‘Scorecard visual’

    in Power BI reports Power Automate integration Cascading of goals
  29. Cascading of goals

  30. Power BI (Peek into the future Part 2): Analytics for

    everyone Arun Ulagaratchagan, CVP Intelligence Platform Amir Netz, CTO & Technical Fellow
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  33. いろいろ観ましょう

  34. ありがとうございました。 be agile