ITT 2018 - Dejan Bosanac - Scalable Cloud Messaging

ITT 2018 - Dejan Bosanac - Scalable Cloud Messaging

For successful implementation of distributed systems, flexible and scalable messaging layer is one of the most important components. Setting a static messaging infrastructure and provisioning it manually doesn’t fit well with the cloud-native development model most organisations are adopting lately. provides an open source solution for deploying your own messaging infrastructure in the cloud. It’s based on proven standards and technologies, like AMQP 1.0 and Kubernetes. Additionally, the platform provides a wide range of features expected of the cloud ready messaging solution. Features range from scalability and elasticity to multi-tenancy, simple management and monitoring.

This session will cover the EnMasse project in details. It will start by covering messaging concepts and how they fit the cloud environment. Then we’ll continue with the platform architecture and see how various features are implemented. Finally, we’ll discuss deployment and monitoring options necessary to run a platform like this in the production.


Istanbul Tech Talks

April 17, 2018