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Frosh welcome

Frosh welcome

Technical orientation conducted by ACM, IIT Delhi.


Rhythm Gupta

August 16, 2012


  1. Frosh Welcome ACM IIT Delhi Student Chapter www.cse.iitd.ac.in/~acm http://www.facebook.com/iitd.acm

  2. Association for Computing Machinery • ACM is the world's largest

    and most prestigious scientific and educational computing society. • Founded in 1947, its membership ,as of 2011 is more than 100,000. • ACM is organized into 170 local chapters and 35 Special Interest Groups through which it conducts most of its activities. ACM
  3. • The IIT Delhi student chapter of ACM was established

    in 2002 to address the needs of the IIT Delhi computing community. • The goal of the chapter is to create an interest among the students for computer science beyond what they learn in the classrooms. • We won the ACM Student Chapter Outstanding School Service Award twice during 2010-11 and 2011-12 ACM IIT Delhi
  4. • External ◦ Technical Fest - TRYST ◦ Lecture Series

    ▪ DSP ▪ IKES ◦ Hack Sessions ▪ Yahoo! HackU ▪ Microsoft Appathon ◦ Coding Competitions ▪ Indo-Pak Coding ▪ Internal Coding Competitions What we do ?
  5. ◦ • Internal ◦ Newsletter ◦ Technical Orientation ◦ Exam

    Archive What we do ?
  6. Faculty Advisor - Prof. Smruti Ranjan Sarangi Chair - Sudhanshu

    Shekhar Treasurer - Ankush Jindal Vice Chair - Aayush Goel Secretary - Abhishek Sinha Team heads Web Admin - Himanshu Gupta Events Head - Gaurav Aggarwal Publicity & Marketing - Pulkit Yadav Creativity - Dhruv Malhotra Editorial - Aditi Kapoor Who we are ?
  7. • Nothing from you :) • No registration charges in

    any of the events organized by us • Our events are sponsored by Big companies like Microsoft, Google, Yahoo!, IBM • So, Bigger Prizes as well ! Funds ?
  8. Linux ++ Coding Competitions Photoshop and Designing Video Editing Hacking

    App Development Web D Agenda
  9. • Intro to CSE and CSC resources available • Proxy

    system in IIT Delhi • Why do we use Ubuntu • Make your life simpler {awk, sed, |} • You may want to read man pages try 'man printf' • bashrc, password less ssh, linux / structure, public_html, vim, emacs, chown, chmod, bash scripting and many such simpler things Linux ++
  10. Competitive coding is a mind sport usually held over the

    internet or a local network, involving participants trying to program according to provided specifications. Competitive programming is recognized and supported by several multinational software and internet companies, such as Google, Facebook and IBM. Coding Competitions
  11. A programming competition generally involves the host presenting a set

    of logical or mathematical problems to the contestants (who can vary in number from tens to several thousands), and contestants are required to write computer programs capable of solving each problem. Coding Competitions
  12. Adobe Creative Suite -> Bridge - to touch up camera

    pictures -> InDesign - typesetting (brochures, newsletter) -> Photoshop - raster based -> Illustrator - vector based Photoshop and Designing
  13. Various Tools used with different degree of functionality • Windows

    Movie Maker -> Basic, simple slideshows • Sony Vegas Pro -> Complex, NLE, resolution-independent video sequencing, complex effects and compositing tools • Adobe After effect -> NLE , video composting • Prezi -> Zooming and Flashy Presentations Video Editing
  14. • What is Hacking? • Not "Cracking" • Phishing •

    Email Spoofing • SQL Injection Hacking
  15. HTML5 Sencha app (Either Oreilly or Kitchen Sink or the

    app I made) Oreilly:http://dev.sencha. com/deploy/touch/examples/production/oreill y/ Kitchen Sink:http://dev.sencha. com/deploy/touch/examples/production/kitch ensink/ Android App (Diary entry on my cellphone) Phonegap App Development
  16. You have a personal webspace! www.cse.iitd.ernet.in/~cs5110300 www.cse.iitd.ac.in/~cs5090255 Web D

  17. A Place made for YOU! Share • Any Technical Difficulty

    faced regarding anything • Hunger to learn any particular topic • Suggestions on activities you would like to participate in www.cse.iitd.ac.in/~acm/forum-cs Forum
  18. Thanks