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October 08, 2012




October 08, 2012


  1. Don’t worry, Mom. Battery will dye soon. Don’t worry, Mom

    Auto notification SMS in advance Auto respond SMS I am on Calm Design lecture. I’ll call you later Mom Girlfriend Girlfriend Mom He is fine. It’s just the battery OK. He is studying. me
  2. Main Window Low battery SMS-notifier Window Missed Call Auto SMS

    responder Contact Management Window
  3. Trials  7 persons – 1 week  14,86 incoming

    calls per person in week (p/w)  0,857 missed call, per p/w with main reasons: • Did not hear: 33,3% • Can not answer: 50% • Did not want to answer: 16,6%  0,57 missed calls per p/w because of a smartphone: • 75% no network signal • 25% ran out of battery