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An Inside Look at GeoJSON Ballparks

James Fee
October 14, 2020

An Inside Look at GeoJSON Ballparks

I've spent the last 5+ years trying to map every professional ballpark in the world. I've failed but that's OK.

James Fee

October 14, 2020

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  1. James Fee - October 14, 2020
    GeoJSON Ballparks
    When a simple twitter question sparks a passion for mapping

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  2. Baseball?

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  3. Baseball?
    A soccer football fan’s introduction to America’s pastime
    • Possibly derived from Rounders or Cricket

    • First recorded games occurred by 1845 in NYC

    • Professional baseball started in 1876 and eventually became the MLB which
    governs baseball today

    • San Francisco Giants have won 11,194 games since founding in 1883.

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  4. Playing Baseball
    • Two teams

    • 9 innings

    • 3 outs/team each inning

    • Pitcher/Batter

    • Fielders

    • Hit/Out

    • Rounding bases

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  5. Baseball Data

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  6. Statistics
    Baseball is a fountain of data for analysis
    • Sabermetrics - empirical analysis of baseball statistics

    • Retrosheet - computerizing the box score of every major league baseball
    game ever played

    • Chadwick Baseball Bureau - Clean baseball data

    • Moneyball -

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  7. Ballparks as GeoJSON

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  8. Map Every Professional Baseball Ballpark

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  9. Right?
    • License (ODC-By)

    • Github

    • These aren’t POIs
    Why Not OSM?

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  10. Innocent Question
    Twitter as a Idea Factory

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  11. Mapping Every Professional Ballpark
    If only it was easy
    • Requirements to map ballpark

    • Professional baseball team

    • Find the stadium

    • Map lat/long of home plate

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  12. Hardest Problem?
    Google is no help
    • Finding a stadium

    • Teams don’t always play in the same stadium year after year

    • Address for team is usually an office building

    • Stadium names are vague

    • Imagery is usually poor outside of NA/EU/AUS/JPN/Korea

    • Wikipedia - but….

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  13. Sherlock
    Searching for a stadium with no info
    • Google Images

    • Social Media

    • Exif

    • Old fashioned panning Google Earth and feeling lucky

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  18. X

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  19. Getting Involved

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  20. GeoJSON Ballparks - https://github.com/cageyjames/GeoJSON-Ballparks

    Chadwick - https://github.com/chadwickbureau

    R baseball - https://baseballwithr.wordpress.com

    Retrosheet - https://www.retrosheet.org

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  21. [email protected]
    James Fee
    Twitter - @jamesmfee
    Github - @cageyjames

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