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Lessons In Ethical Development I Learned From Star Wars

Lessons In Ethical Development I Learned From Star Wars

As given at Mongo DB World 2017 in Chicago

Jameson Alea

June 15, 2017

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  1. “The war has altered everything, not only for those directly

    involved in the conflict, but also for many of us here on Coruscant. Count Dooku shook us awake to a harsh reality, and most of us have traded theory for practicality. Even so, unlimited funding has been wonderful for research… In due time, we’ll return to [our dream of providing renewable energy on developing worlds] and we’ll be able to accomplish much more than we ever could before.” -Reeva Demesne MDBW 17 | @jameybash
  2. “WOE IS ME” MDBW 17 | @jameybash The time to

    realize the thing you made is horrible is not AFTER you’ve already made it.
  3. IMPLEMENTING SELF ACCOUNTABILITY 1. The moment that you’re faced with

    an ethical dilemma isn’t a good time to start thinking about where your line is. 2. Don’t feel obligated to make big decisions immediately! 3. Write things down! When you’re thinking about your moral code, take notes on your thoughts. MDBW 17 | @jameybash
  4. MDBW 17 | @jameybash What’s your droid name??? The first

    3 letters of your mother’s maiden name The last 4 numbers in your social security number + Ex: SMI-1722
  5. IF YOU CAN’T BEAT ‘EM, JOIN ‘EM? • When people

    are scared, it may feel easier and safer to succumb to pressure to do things they don’t feel comfortable with. • Especially true for marginalized people! There’s a huge pressure to be “one of the good ones.” MDBW 17 | @jameybash An unethical organization only cares about you as long as you’re useful to it.