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Insight Managed Mobility for Apple

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October 24, 2018

Insight Managed Mobility for Apple

Presentation from JNUC 2018, the world's largest rally of Apple IT administrators.

Insight Managed Mobility for Apple

Presented by:
Evan Tomlin, Insight

View all session slides, recordings and more at https://www.jamf.com/events/jamf-nation-user-conference/2018/.



October 24, 2018

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  2. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple Enhance the way you work.

  3. © JAMF Software, LLC The power of choice Giving your

    teams access to the technology they know and love can make a notable difference. High-performers and innovators are those employees who are provided more choice as to how and when they work — and the workspaces and technologies to support them. Employees want options from devices to apps to collaboration tools, and only 60% say they’re satisfied with mobile options available at work. 72% choose Mac and 75% choose iPhone or iPad when employees are given the ability to choose their own technology for work. Sources: 2018 Consumer Intelligence Series, PwC 2018 Survey: The Impact of Device Choice on the Employee Experience, Jamf 2016 U.S. Workplace Survey, Gensler
  4. © JAMF Software, LLC For modern businesses Apple products are

    built to support the modern enterprise and give employees powerful solutions. Designed for every department Accommodate any workload or job function with ease and simplicity. Out-of-the-box compatibility Let employees transition seamlessly and work with what they’re used to. Enterprise-grade security Safeguard your system, from built-in device and app security to data protection. Easy to deploy, support & manage Roll out and manage at scale using modern workflows and expert services.
  5. © JAMF Software, LLC Connect with 
 complete coverage. Integrate

    macOS® and iOS® into your IT ecosystem with services that span the entire lifecycle, from readiness to break-fix. Perform Proactive and attentive managed services Procure Supply chain enablement for the mobile workforce Deploy Scalable, rapid project delivery Engage Key groundwork for upcoming initiatives Extend Break-fix and reverse logistics
  6. © JAMF Software, LLC #1: Engage Take a critical look

    at macOS and iOS readiness to prepare for a quicker, easier adoption of Apple at work. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple Objectives • Assess mobile readiness. • Increase preparedness and capacity. Activities • macOS & iOS Readiness Assessment • Strategic Road Map Planning • Insight + Apple Professional Services “Methodically covering your bases is the difference between being a participant in the age of mobility and leading it.” — Evan Tomlin, Director of Mobility and End-User Compute
  7. © JAMF Software, LLC macOS & iOS Readiness Assessment Join

    our expert teams for a virtual or live workshop to dissect, assess and plan your Apple ecosystem. Format • Endpoint Readiness & Discovery Workshop (remote) — 2–4 hours • Insight On-Site Readiness Assessment — 4 days • Apple Readiness Review — 4 days Topics • Enterprise readiness • Mobile strategy and mobility program • Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) • Security, policies and governance • Lifecycle management • Application development strategy • Expense management and cost containment • Support and procurement optimization • Organizational Change Management (OCM) Client readiness level Insight-added value Reactive Proactive Managed Service-driven Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  8. © JAMF Software, LLC Strategic Road Map Planning Develop a

    comprehensive and actionable road map to successfully implement macOS and iOS. Format • Custom (virtual, on-site or any combination) Topics • Environment design • Target outcomes • Cross-functional enterprise alignment • CapEx and OpEx management • Timelines • Performance monitoring Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  9. © JAMF Software, LLC Insight + Apple Professional Services Take

    a deeper dive into specific areas of endpoint management per your organizational needs and goals. Technical Strategic 4G/5G 
 small cell planning Wi-Fi assessment Nomad Mobile application assessment • Mobile threat detection • Application reputation Mobile Device Management (MDM) health assessment MDM competitive 
 & mobility business case analysis Application planning & development Mobile Application Management (MAM) Mobility advisory services Readiness Review Wi-Fi Readiness Review Fast Track for iOS Deployment Enterprise Connect & Enterprise Connect PKI Mobile Device Automation AppleDev Boot Camp Insight PS Apple PS Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  10. © JAMF Software, LLC Apple Professional Services Support your Apple

    investments and ensure they deliver for your business. Readiness Review Assess your infrastructure and prepare for seamless Apple integrations. Wi-Fi Readiness Review Optimize your Wi-Fi environment for iOS devices. Fast Track for iOS Deployment Rapidly prepare and execute an iPhone or iPad deployment. Enterprise Connect & Enterprise Connect PKI Help your Mac users securely access AD resources. Mobile Device Automation Deploy and manage iOS devices leveraging automated, zero-touch workflows. AppleDev Boot Camp Streamline iOS app development and effectively meet user needs. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  11. © JAMF Software, LLC Objectives • Get the right devices

    to the right people. • Enable connectivity. • Establish easy-to-use procurement systems and processes. Activities • E-commerce platform account and custom portal setup • Apple Device as a Service (DaaS) • Wireless carrier activations “Get the very best tools to serve your people, not just lots of tools.” — Dr. John Stahl-Wert, Best-Selling Author and International Speaker #2: Procure Our legacy in supply chain and deep partnership with Apple gives you best-in-class workplace products and robust, customizable purchasing. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  12. © JAMF Software, LLC E-commerce platform Find the right Apple

    products quickly and easily, and design efficient procurement workflows with an e-commerce platform tailored to your needs and specifications. Control & simplify. • Shop by brand, keyword or company standards. • Customize catalogs and pricing. • Assign buyers to specific catalogs. • Single Sign-On (SSO), Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and guided purchasing are incorporated to improve efficacy. Manage & integrate. • Designate workflow for approvals. • Extend purchasing throughout the enterprise. • View expense activity and reporting. • See consumption and spend by wireless carrier-enabled endpoints. Stay current & connected. • Access real-time and on-demand webinars. • Learn evolving best practices for device selection and management. • Post custom content for admins and end users. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  13. © JAMF Software, LLC Apple Device as a Service Gain

    value-added savings and expertise in an all-inclusive managed solution for hardware and administration with Apple DaaS. Buy on a per-user, per- month subscription. Change device groupings as often as needed. Eliminate upfront costs. Use a single point of contact for end-to-end device financial management. Increase predictability and budgetary control. Roll implementation and ongoing services into subscription pricing. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  14. © JAMF Software, LLC “Why do anything unless it is

    going to be great?” — Peter Block, Author and Organization Development Consultant #3: Deploy Adopt modern endpoint infrastructure built with Apple, with shocking ease and simplicity. Objectives • Expedite deployment. • Engineer and configure with perfection. • Advance business mobility. Activities • Device provisioning, including automation and zero-touch methodologies • Configuration and architecture • Mobility lab • Optional: Project and program management Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  15. © JAMF Software, LLC Automation & zero touch • Advanced

    MDM and Application Programming Interface (API) engineering and configuration services to maximize device enrollment automation • Designed to minimize manual touches, improve accuracy, increase speed to market and enhance end-user experience Apple deployment services • Streamline deployment of iOS and OS X® devices with Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP) • Secure devices to customized specifications with additional features Device provisioning We certify, identify and validate using modern, over-the-air methods that reduce or eliminate the need for manual and time-consuming processes. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  16. © JAMF Software, LLC Configuration and architecture Go from build-out

    to rollout with skillful technicians certified to handle any scope or custom requirements. Site-neutral • On-site engineering, kitting and configuration services • Remote endpoint setup • Mobility lab Full-scale • Repeatable models • Site-by-site deployment logistics • Site-by-site reporting and monitoring Modern • Zero-touch and automation methodologies • Cloud, hybrid or on-premise enablement • Highest levels of vendor-specific certifications Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  17. © JAMF Software, LLC Mobility lab Our state-of-the-art facility supports

    your Apple ecosystem from the very first setup. Secure • Multilayered physical and electronic security • Advanced access management technologies for network connectivity • ISO 9001:2015-certified Relevant • Cisco-powered, high-density 1GB Ethernet and 802.11ac network connectivity • macOS and Cambrionix configuration infrastructure • Tools and methodologies developed in collaboration with Apple Scalable • Can provision 800+ mobile endpoints per shift using 16 provisioning workstations • Large, internal and core network capacity to update device applications and Operating System (OS) Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  18. © JAMF Software, LLC “How you climb a mountain is

    more important than reaching the top.” — Yvon Chouinard, Founder of Patagonia Objectives • Maximize Apple investments. • Maintain uptime. • Enable efficiencies. Activities • Service desk • Engineering services • Managed services and integrated offerings • Optional: Expense management #4: Perform Optimize and care for your Apple ecosystem with a team oriented toward proactivity and proficiency. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  19. © JAMF Software, LLC Comprehensive services As a long-time Apple

    Authorized Service Provider, we offer comprehensive managed services that ease operational burden and drive performance. Adoption & advisory Strategic guidance and tools to encourage adoption, reduce friction and customize your mobility program to business needs and goals Shift-left offerings Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and application porting for actionable and predictive insights, plus self-serve models for modern user experiences Managed services Tiered support, from service desk and engineering to proactive managed services provided by certified technicians and engineers backed by AppleCare, along with detailed reporting and analytics to guide decision-making Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  20. © JAMF Software, LLC L3 L2 Comprehensive support Service desk

    Connect with our certified technicians and consultants to deftly resolve L-1 through L3 issues. L1 Most proactive & preventive • Endpoint monitoring via Nexthink • Proactive analytics and AI • Ticket correlation and reporting • Advanced automation Nearly instant, highly intelligent • Self-service portal and tools • Chatbots, Knowledge Management (KM) and ML- powered support • TechSmart managed locker service and walk-up points • Enterprise Connect for Active Directory® (AD) task automation Fastest, more 
 traditional support • General use, voice and connectivity fixes • User add and enrollment requests • Email and app synchronizations • Native device and OS issues • Activations, wipes and resets Escalated & coordinated • VIP user tickets oversight • Admin coordination • Front-of-queue servicing • Advanced email, contacts and calendar issues • EMM software needs • Native device function fixes Complex, technical services • Advanced integrations and engineering • EMM profile, policy and platform support • Complex carrier issues and coordinated resolutions with Apple • Fulfillment and activation stall fixes • Warranty servicing and swap L0 L-1 Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  21. © JAMF Software, LLC Networks Management/
 infrastructure One, great ecosystem

    Our partnerships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and technology leaders enable us to deliver differentiated, integrated offerings that promote connectivity and modernization across your organization. Operating Systems (OSs) IMM for Apple ecosystem Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  22. © JAMF Software, LLC “Every good thing comes to some

    kind of end, and then the really good things come to a beginning again.” — Cory Doctorow, Science Fiction Author Objectives • Simplify device end of life. • Coordinate warranty fulfillment. • Ensure business continuity. Activities • Reverse logistics and break-fix backed by AppleCare • Asset disposition #5: Extend Sail through repair, replacement and recycling without breaking your business stride. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  23. © JAMF Software, LLC Reverse logistics Maintain productivity and user

    experience with proven methods for device break-fix and end-of-life handling. Receive attentive repair servicing. Secure data in all scenarios. Access a global network of buyers. Remarket or get trade-in dollars. Inventory and dispatch devices. Exercise Apple warranty support. Receive certificate of erasure. Get swap and advanced exchange options. Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  24. © JAMF Software, LLC Asset disposition Safely and securely dispose

    of assets to protect your organization, workforce and 
 the environment. EPA-compliant equipment disposal Overnight hardware replacement Certified recycling for $0 value assets Visibility and customized reporting Check and credit memo options for proceeds Insight Managed Mobility for Apple
  25. © JAMF Software, LLC Do your best work Offering Apple

    to your workforce isn’t just about giving your teams access to technology they may prefer — the business often realizes quantifiable benefits as well. Each Mac deployed saved between $273–$513 compared to PCs at IBM. A leading technology firm saw a 10-point year-over- year increase in employee engagement after enabling Mac as a Choice. At IBM, only 5% of Mac users needed support 40% of PC users. Roughly vs. Sources: 2017 Total Cost of Ownership: Mac versus PC in the Enterprise, Jamf 2017 Driving Industry Transformation with Apple and Jamf, Jamf Nation User Conference
  26. © JAMF Software, LLC Our unique value We have invested

    heavily in our partnership and infrastructure in order to offer major value throughout the Apple device lifecycle. Close working relationships with Apple and mobile carriers Extensive training on Apple systems and integrations Deep knowledge delivered from consultation through support Broad global presence in most major markets Services designed for simplicity, efficiency and flexibility
  27. Mobilize your workforce. Empower workers, modernize and simplify. Seamlessly integrate

    an entire mobile ecosystem with end-to-end support from Insight.
  28. Insight Proprietary & Confidential. Do Not Copy or Distribute. ©

    2018 Insight Direct USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Insight Proprietary & Confidential. Do Not Copy or Distribute. © 2018 Insight Direct USA, Inc. All Rights Reserved. Insight Presentation !28 Appendices
  29. © JAMF Software, LLC Insight at a glance 5,300+ hardware,

    software and 
 cloud partners 4,500+ sales and service
 delivery professionals 20 countries $6.7B Operations in 6,600+ Insight teammates worldwide 1988 Fortune 500 company founded in GLOBAL REACH DEEP PORTFOLIO & RELATIONSHIPS ENGAGED WORKFORCE BROAD EXPERTISE FINANCIAL STABILITY LONG LEGACY & KNOWLEDGE serving clients around the globe in revenue in 2017
  30. © JAMF Software, LLC Optional: Project management Ensure masterful execution,

    minimal downtime and zero disruptions with expert resources at hand. Project Management Office 
 Orchestrate smooth transitions and optimized outcomes. • Standardized and project-specific workflows • Continuous process innovations • Partner and services integration Insight Command Center
 Drive project success with custom solutions and tool sets. • Experienced field technicians • National partner network • Workforce management app • Client dashboards and reporting Field power
 Manage deployments at scale with a comprehensive platform. • Intelligent scheduling and dispatching • Logistics and fulfillment controls • Cost management tools
  31. © JAMF Software, LLC Optional: Expense management View and manage

    fixed and wireless lines with a forward-looking, task-based solution designed to align IT and finance teams and optimize mobile spend. Insight telecom expense management services Acquire & validate load invoices from carriers. Audit & optimize invoices/devices. Manage billing disputes. Manage inventory. Allocate costs. Approve invoices. Transmit AP/GL files (optional bill pay). Gain global visibility.
  32. THANK YOU! © JAMF Software, LLC