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About mobile architecture using RIBs from uber


March 08, 2018

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  1. Agenda • 1.What is RIBs? • 2.Motivation • 3.Inside of

    RIBs • Overview • Units • 4.Conclusion
  2. 1.What is RIBs? • Shared architecture between iOS/Android • Testability

    and Isolation • Scalable between hundreds of engineers in Uber
  3. 2.Motivation • Problem • MVC with massive view controllers •

    Technical debt accumulated by adding new features • Try • Keep high-quality core experience for users • Allow radical experimentation/test in product
  4. 4.Conclusion • Business logic tree provided by RIBs can drive

    • Isolation of codes • Scalability in team and business • uber/RIBs can be one of the good choice of mobile architecture
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