Spelunking in Ruby

92e7389893670a1920a4fd98aec0d246?s=47 Jason R Clark
September 13, 2014

Spelunking in Ruby

We've all heard, "With good tests, you don't need a debugger." But faced with unfamiliar or poorly covered code, tests can fall short. Debugging tools are indispensable for taking that next step, and the Ruby ecosystem provides many options to help.

This talk showcases a wide variety of techniques for digging into that daunting application or gem. Starting from the humble puts statement, we'll dive through the various platform-specific Ruby debuggers, eventually peeking into the murky depths of gdb and the Ruby VM itself.

Jam packed with shortcuts, techniques, and gotchas, you'll be plumbing the depths of your code in no time.


Jason R Clark

September 13, 2014