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Overview of J-STAGE and the next version / JATS-Con-Asia-20151019-07-Mikako-Hibasami

Overview of J-STAGE and the next version / JATS-Con-Asia-20151019-07-Mikako-Hibasami

JATS-Con Asia
Monday, October 19, 2015

General Session:
Speaker 5 "Overview of J-STAGE and the next version"
-Mikako Hibasami, Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST)
Abstract: http://jats-con-asia.strikingly.com/#speakers
Materials: https://speakerdeck.com/jatsconasiasc/jats-con-asia-20151019-07-mikako-hibasami
Video: https://vimeo.com/150522128

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  1. Self Introduction 1 Mikako Hibasami -joined the J-STAGE project in

    December 2014. -Before current job, I was in charge of developing systems of telecommunications carrier and product planning of telecommunication services at a private company.
  2. Agenda 2 1.Overview of J-STAGE including description of the trend

    of XML format articles 2.Approaches for the new UI as an evaluation version
  3. Overview of J-STAGE(Scale) www.jstage.jst.go.jp 4 -Operated since 1999 -Titles: 1,892

    -Articles: 2,687,974 -To disseminate Japanʼs scientific and technological including Humanities and Social Sciences publication -To promote open access ※Thereʼre authentication options for paid journals -Each societies create, publish and operate their data. -Japanʼs largest platform of publishing electronic journals for Japanese society -The number of published journals :about 1700, articles :about 2.3million -About 90% journals : free (Sep 25, 2015)
  4. 826 867 1,058 1,271 3,413 1,625 2,023 2,192 2,915 4,151

    7,753 9,377 12,023 15,145 22465 4,000 6,000 8,000 10,000 12,000 14,000 16,000 18,000 20,000 22,000 24,000 0 1,000 2,000 3,000 4,000 5,000 6,000 7,000 8,000 平成2 2 年度 平成2 3 年度 平成2 4 年度 平成2 5 年度 平成2 6 年度 万p v 国内ダウンロード 数 海外から のDL数 全アク セス数(pv) 万件 5 Research Field (Sep 2013) Downloads by country (Jan-Nov 2014) Overview of J-STAGE(The number of access) The number of access and downloads Medical science, Pharmacy Engine -ering Biology Chemistry Physics Interdisciplinary science Humanities and Social Sciences Ten Thousand(Downloads) The number of access Overseas downloads 2010 (FY) Ten Thousand(The number of access) Domestic downloads 2011 2012 2013 2014
  5. 6 We are attempting to improve the number of access

    for connecting external services and distributing widely. Overview of J-STAGE(Widely distributed) Other services meta data Search
  6. 7 Overview of J-STAGE(About XML format articles) - Trend of

    XML format has increased every year. (There is not only new journals but also existing journals changed the format.) - The number of XML format bibliographies has increased especially. - The number of XML format articles has not increased so much.
  7. 8 Overview of J-STAGE(About xml format articles) There is a

    kind of trend to change for the XML format. ▪About the change plan of the format We are going to improve the full text HTML page using XML format. And it is necessary to review the specifications of the tool to lower barriers in technical and financial. ・From the J-STAGE user satisfaction surveys in 2014 (362 answers) ①Using BIB format (older format) XML format bibliographies : 26 XML format articles : 25 Want to continue : 72 ②Using XML format bibliographies XML format articles : 27 Want to continue : 89 ▪Voice of societies that do not use the XML format ー There is a large burden in technical and financial. It can not be felt more benefits. ー We want to use a tools that create XML format articles.
  8. 10 As full text information platform of Japan's academic publications,

    we are going to promote international dissemination of Japanʼs research results. ・Add types of contents : Research Reports, Technical Reports, Proceedings, Magazines ・Add information : ORCID, KAKEN ID, e-RadID, funds information, conference information Approaches for improving J-STAGE ▪From the end of Nov 2015 ▪The draft policy of improving J-STAGE
  9. 11 ※Excerpt opinions about the interface from the annual satisfaction

    survey The opinions for the J-STAGE ・It is difficult to understand English expression. ・There are complex UI and functions so it is hard to use. ・It is difficult to use Intuitively compared to other sites. ・It is not certainly good for the site design of the J-STAGE. It is important to improve design. :
  10. 12 ①Easy to see and use ・Refer to the standard

    of international platforms ・Optimize UI to read on mobile devices ・Improve the usability of HTML article page ②Directed to the related information ・Provide information on article landing pages that are landed by external services (ex. Google scholar) ・Provide most popular, related articles information ③Societies are able to appeal their contents ・Provide a function that be able to post editorʼs choice articles or messages from the editorial board Improvement of UI As the evaluation version we are going to improve UI for English journals* to strengthen dissemination of Japanʼs research results. (2016 fiscal year) *We are going to cooperate with The Pharmaceutical Society of Japan and The Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers that are major type of journals of J-STAGE.
  11. 13 • International journal platform design It aims to be

    easy-to-use UI overseas user and to be intuitive design. • Information architecture Easier to use and enable userʼs task completion. • Easy to read on mobile devices • Interactivity Provide information from societies to make user visit the site again. • Cooperation with social media Promote the diffusion of bibliographic links on the Internet. Design policy overall
  12. Journalʼs information ISSN, Number of articles 14 Design policy -overall

    Global website look and feel ・using more white space, ・crisper fonts ・flat color combinations ・reading right-to-left Prominent search box Two column layout
  13. 15 Journal top page (draft) ① Customized color scheme Knock

    off journal top banner Push great contents Title of journal Search box Editorʼs pickup Journalʼs information ISSN, Number of articles Overall of journal Tab menu
  14. 16 Current issue Provide Most popular articles Most popular articles

    Journal top page (draft) ② For editors to push their contents freely News from societies Oxidative Rearrangement of Cyclobutanone Derived N,O- Ketals Leading to Pyrrolidone Derivatives Izumiphenazine D, a New Phenazoquinoline N-Oxide from Streptomyces sp. IFM 11204 Mohamed S. Abdelfattah, Kazufumi Toume, Masami Ishibashi Kenichi Murai, Daisuke Endo, Norihito Kawashita, Tatsuya Takagi, Hiromichi Fujioka Related journals Related information
  15. 17 Social media Information about subscribe Site map Easier to

    use site map Journal top page (draft) ③
  16. 18 List of issue Title, Author name Journal top page

    (draft) ④ Journalʼs information ISSN, Number of articles Title, Author name Title, Author name List of current issue
  17. 19 About the editorial board About the journal Journal top

    page (draft) ⑤ Journalʼs information ISSN, Number of articles
  18. 20 Article landing page (draft) ① Sample Bibliographic information Left

    navigation for browsing Social media links Altmetric Abstract
  19. 21 Go to page top Chihiro Tsukano Graduate School of

    Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University Sho Yamamoto Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University Yoshiji Takemoto Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Kyoto University Title of article References Article landing page (draft) ② A dedicated section to show all related articles Author information Related articles Related information of authors Display other articles and related information by the same author
  20. 22 Navigation The left navigation will be sticky and will

    flow along with the page scroll Simplify and not to distract from the user Go to page top Article details HTML page (draft)
  21. 23 Synthesis of α- Acyloxyketone Derivatives via the Platinum- Catalyzed

    Migration of Propargylic Esters Synthesis of α- Acyloxyketone Derivatives via the Platinum- Catalyzed Migration of Propargylic Esters ・Optimize the screen size for mobile devices Open the information when you wants to check Open information when you want to check Article details HTML page on mobile (draft)
  22. 2017 fiscal initiatives (under consideration) 24 ・2017 onward, to consider

    applying the new UI (the evaluation version) to other journals. ・After the new UI (the evaluation version), we are going to collect opinions from societies and to consider further improvements.
  23. Summary 25 There is a trend of changing to XML

    format. To further promote, it is important to reduce technical and financial problems and to create the benefit of XML format. Improved the User Interface to further disseminate. Upgrading the usability of HTML article page will lead to use XML format more. 1.The trend of XML format 2.The new UI as an evaluation version