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JATS and Its Role in Scholarly Publishing / JATS-Con-Asia-20151019-02-Bruce-Rosenblum

JATS and Its Role in Scholarly Publishing / JATS-Con-Asia-20151019-02-Bruce-Rosenblum

JATS-Con Asia
Monday, October 19, 2015

Keynote Speaker 2 "JATS and Its Role in Scholarly Publishing"
-Bruce Rosenblum, Inera Inc. (NISO JATS Standing Committee)
Abstract: http://jats-con-asia.strikingly.com/#speakers
Materials: https://speakerdeck.com/jatsconasiasc/jats-con-asia-20151019-02-bruce-rosenblum
Video: https://vimeo.com/150207020

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  1. Inera Inc Bruce D. Rosenblum CEO, Inera Incorporated Member, NISO

    JATS Standing Committee JATS-Con Asia 19 October 2015 JATS and Its Role in Scholarly Publishing
  2. Inera Inc Overview • NLM and JATS evolution • JATS

    internationalization features • JATS and the standards ecosystem • New JATS uses • JATS future
  3. Inera Inc NLM and JATS Evolution • Before NLM DTD

    • ISO 12083 • Publisher-specific DTDs • Interchange challenges • NLM DTD • Project start: 2002 • Project requirements • PubMed Central production • Harvard (later Portico/JSTOR/ITHAKA) archive • Funded by NLM and Mellon Foundation
  4. Inera Inc NLM DTD Goals • Capture content and semantics

    not look-and-feel • DTD for markup of journal articles • Article/journal/issue metadata • Full text journal content • Back matter and reference lists • Support all scholarly disciplines • Document analysis focused on non-life sciences • e.g. Archeology, Physics, Economics, History…
  5. Inera Inc NLM DTD Characteristics • Flexible and generalized structures

    • Flexible elements: named-content, private-char • Information classing attributes: @content-type. @specific-use • Easy to customize or extend • Ease of DTDàDTD transformation
  6. Inera Inc NLM Evolves Into JATS • Version 1.0: released

    April 2003 • Version 2.0: released December 2004 • Broader adoption starts in 2005 • Version 2.3: released March 2007 • Version 3.0: released November 2008 • Moves to NISO, renamed JATS: July 2009 • First JATS-Con: November 2010 • JATS 1.0: released August 2012 • JATS 1.1d3: released March 2015 • JATS 1.1: at vote
  7. Inera Inc JATS Today • International Standard • ANSI/NISO Z39.96

    • Supports all languages • Proven technology • Widely adopted by scholarly publishers • Used globally • Excellent tool support • Vendor-neutral • Common standard for publishers, printers, hosts • Foundation for efficient publishing workflows
  8. Inera Inc NISO JATS Standing Committee Soichi Tokizane Aichi University

    Mark Doyle American Physical Society Nikos Markantonatos Atypon Systems Inc. Evan Owens Cenveo Publisher Services Mary McRae Dartmouth Journal Services Nick Nunes Highwire Press Bruce Rosenblum Inera Inc. John Meyer ITHAKA/JSTOR/Portico Ardie Bausenbach Library of Congress Alex Wade Microsoft Corporation Debbie Lapeyre Mulberry Technologies, Inc. B. Tommie Usdin (co-chair) Mulberry Technologies, Inc. Jeffrey Beck (co-chair) National Library of Medicine (NLM) Laura Randall National Library of Medicine (NLM) Kirsten Howard Silverchair Kevin Hawkins University of North Texas
  9. Inera Inc JATS Internationalization Features • Publishing beyond English •

    Multiple language metadata • Multiple script metadata • Multiple language documents
  10. Inera Inc Publishing Beyond English • NLM anticipated non-English articles

    • Full Unicode support • xml:lang • Default value: <article xml:lang="en"> • NLM included xml:lang for many elements • JATS 1.0 includes xml:lang for most elements
  11. Inera Inc JATS 1.1 Internationalization Additions • <ruby> • Based

    on HTML5 recommendation • JATS 1.1d1 incompatible with 1.1d2/1.1d3 • See example at http://jats.nlm.nih.gov/publishing/tag- library/1.1d3/element/ruby.html • <era> • Date name based on an event, political ruler, or characterization of a timespan • <date calendar="Japanese" iso-8601-date="2013-07-01"> <day>1</day><month>7</month><year>25</year><era>昭和 </era></date>
  12. Inera Inc Multiple Language Metadata • Metadata translated to one

    or more languages • Supported by NLM and JATS • Paired elements • <article-title> and <trans-title> • <abstract> and <trans-abstract> • Repeating elements with xml:lang • Keyword group, copyright-statement <kwd-group xml:lang="en"><kwd>heated air</kwd> </kwd-group> <kwd-group xml:lang="ja"><kwd>加温空気</kwd></kwd-group>
  13. Inera Inc Multiple Script Metadata • Metadata written in two

    or more scripts • Alternative author names and affiliations <contrib-group> <contrib contrib-type="author"> <name-alternatives> <name name-style="eastern" xml:lang="ja-Jpan"> <surname>科学</surname><given-names>太郎</given-names></name> <name name-style="western" xml:lang="en"> <surname>Kagaku</surname><given-names>Taro</given-names></name> <name name-style="eastern" xml:lang="ja-Kana"> <surname>カガク</surname><given-names>タロウ</given-names></name> </name-alternatives> </contrib> <aff-alternatives id="aff1"> <aff xml:lang=“ja-Jpan”><institution>独立行政法人科学技術振興機構</institution></aff> <aff xml:lang="en"><institution>Japan Science and Technology Agency</institution></aff> </aff-alternatives> </contrib-group>
  14. Inera Inc Multiple Language Documents • JATS expects a primary

    document language • Many Canadian documents are English and French • JATS not designed to tag true multilingual documents • Useable solution: sub-article • JATS accommodates • Mixed-language body/back matter • Multi-language tables, figures, references • Repeating elements • Language attributes
  15. Inera Inc Further Reading • Lapeyre DA, Usdin BT. Introduction

    to Multi-language Documents in NISO JATS. In: Journal Article Tag Suite Conference (JATS-Con) Proceedings 2011. Bethesda, MD. Available from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK62175/
  16. Inera Inc JATS and the Standards Ecosystem • JATS started

    as a markup solution • JATS is a workflow solution • Integrates full text content, rich metadata, facilitate: • JATS XML quality control • Metadata transmittal of submission • End-to-end production activities • Distribution of metadata to customers
  17. Inera Inc Schematron • International Standard: ISO/IEC 19757-3:2006 • Language

    to make assertions about presence or absence of patterns in XML documents with a special emphasis on capturing constraints in human language assertions and generating appropriate diagnostics • More information • Schwarzman AB. Superset Me—Not: Why the Journal Publishing Tag Set Is Sufficient if You Use Appropriate Layer Validation. In: Journal Article Tag Suite Conference (JATS-Con) Proceedings 2010. Bethesda, MD. Available from: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK47084/
  18. Inera Inc Supplemental Journal Article Materials • Joint NISO/NFAIS project

    (NISO RP-15-2013) • Recommended Practice for publisher inclusion, handling, display, and preservation of supplemental journal article materials • http://www.niso.org/workrooms/supplemental
  19. Inera Inc ORCID • ORCID provides a persistent digital identifier

    that distinguishes you from every other researcher and, through integration in key research workflows such as manuscript and grant submission • JATS implications • <contrib-id> element in JATS 1.0 • authenticated attribute in JATS 1.1
  20. Inera Inc CrossRef FundRef • FundRef provides a standard way

    to report funding sources for published scholarly research. • http://www.crossref.org/fundref/index.html • http://www.crossref.org/fundref/fundref_registry.html • See also tools at http://labs.crossref.org/ • JATS implications • <institution-id> (JATS 1.1) • Institution ID (DOI, ISNI, Ringgold) • <institution-wrap> (JATS 1.1) • container element to hold <institution> and <institution-id> • Used in address, affiliation or funding related elements
  21. Inera Inc Access License and Indicators (ALI) • NISO Recommended

    Practice RP-22-2015: Access and License Indicators • Standardizes bibliographic metadata to describe license and access details of journal articles in human- and machine-readable forms. • ALI provides information on whether a specific article is freely readable and what re-use rights might be available to readers • http://www.niso.org/workrooms/ali • JATS Implications: • <ali:free_to_read> and <ali:license_ref > elements added in JATS 1.1
  22. Inera Inc CrossRef Metadata Services • CrossRef Metadata Services is

    a suite of tools for authorized partners to collect metadata on a cross- publisher basis to streamline their own crawling, indexing, and linking services. • http://www.crossref.org/cms/index.html • Takes advantage of CrossRef LicenseRef • JATS implications • ALI à LicenseRefpermits legal automated crawling • CrossRef deposit schema supports MathML • CrossRef deposit schema supports JATS abstract model
  23. Inera Inc JATS Ecosystem • Key points: • Standards are

    important • Related standards allow interoperability • Standards integration permits • New data integration • New publication models
  24. Inera Inc JATS-Related Tag Suites • BITS • Book Interchange

    Tag Suite • BITS version 1.0 (based on JATS 1.1d1) contains an XML model for STM books. BITS provides a common format in which publishers and archives can exchange book content, including book parts such as chapters. • STS • Standards Tag Suite • Based on the International Organization for Standardiza- tion's ISO-STS will contain an XML model for Standards Development Organizations to tag and exchange national, international, and consortia standards
  25. Inera Inc JATS Future • JATS continues to evolve •

    Updates based on: • User requirements • New publishing initiatives • Related standards • JATS is framework for new tools and workflows • JATS foundation adopted by others • BITS/STS cross-membership • Inter-group referrals
  26. Inera Inc JATS Future: You Can Participate • JATS list

    • Routine questions and comments • http://www.mulberrytech.com/JATS/JATS-List/ • NISO comment form • Requests for DTD changes • http://www.niso.org/apps/group_public/add_comment. php?document_id=10591
  27. Inera Inc Conclusions • XML is vital to the future

    of scholarly communication • JATS is a mature XML model for scholarly publishing • JATS has a large and active user community • JATS continues to expand • JATS has a bright future
  28. Inera Inc Questions Bruce Rosenblum Inera Incorporated 19 Flett Rd.

    Belmont, MA 02478 USA +1 617 932 1932 [email protected] www.inera.com twitter: @eXtyles | @edifix