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How to Rock a WordCamp Even if You Are a n00b

How to Rock a WordCamp Even if You Are a n00b

This is a primer for people who might never have been to a WordCamp, or are interested in enhancing their WordCamp experience.

Marc Benzakein

November 15, 2014

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  1. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer http://www.serverpress.com OK… THE IMPORTANT STUFF ABOUT ME What

    I Am What I Am Not • Overly Serious (aka “disclaimers”) (At Anything) • Opinionated • Father of Two (But Lately Five) • Husband of One • WordCamp Milwaukee Co-Organizer • WordPress Fanatic • Attendee at Over 20 WordCamps • Part of the ServerPress, LLC Team • A Very Creative Presentation Slide Maker • An Expert
  2. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer http://www.serverpress.com • 6 Hour Flight (Each Way) •

    $350.00 Airfare • TSA (Need I Say More?) • California Traffic ——————————————— TOTALLY WORTH IT! Some Quick Math
  3. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer http://www.serverpress.com Anatomy of a WordCamp WordCamps generally encompass

    the following (in no specific order): •Learning •Teaching •Volunteering •Networking •Socializing
  4. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer http://www.serverpress.com Overheard @WordCamps • These people are so

    smart and I feel inadequate • Steps 2 (Ask Questions), 3 (It’s a community event), 7 (don’t be intimidated), 9 (Don’t Sit Alone @ Lunch), 10 (Meet People), 11 (Go to after party) • My brain hurts • Steps 1 (Skip a session or two), 4 (Don’t be afraid to walk out), 8 (Switch tracks), 10 (Meet people), 13 (Have Fun) • I would love to contribute but I have nothing to give • Steps 2 (Ask Questions), 10 (Meet people), 12 (Volunteer), 14 (Stay in touch and stay engaged) • Where are the convention booths? • Step 3 (Remember that it’s a community event and not a convention)
  5. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer http://www.serverpress.com A Few Ways to Make Your WordCamp

    Experience Even BETTER! •Thank the Organizers •Thank the Volunteers •Thank the Speakers •Thank the Sponsors •Fill Out Satisfaction Surveys
  6. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer http://www.serverpress.com The End Contact Info: Marc Benzakein [email protected]

    @MarcBenzak http://www.serverpress.com Slides can be found at: http://bitly.com/TXDM2p