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From Product to Profit

From Product to Profit

Presentation at WordCamp Kansas City. This presentation covers that crucial step between conceptualizing your business and making your way toward profit.

Marc Benzakein

June 10, 2016

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  1. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Answer: • Dad of two/Foster dad of six

    • Husband of One • Amateur (at best) photographer • Blogger at twotofive.us • Business Owner • Operations Manager, ServerPress, LLC • Nerd Question: I know I’m in a room with you. But who are you, exactly?
  2. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Before we start. . . Ask yourself these

    questions: • Is your product or service needed/wanted? • How did you determine this? • Friends/Family? • Gut feeling? • Scratching your own itch? • Market Research? • Do you have the resources needed to produce the product? • Money • Time • Knowledge (or access to it) • Support from those who matter (Family/Friends) Phase 1
  3. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Marketing & Branding What’s the difference? • Marketing

    is about your message or what you have to offer • Branding is about who you are and what you do • You own your marketing • Your consumers and community own your brand
  4. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Branding Professional/Company Branding What do you want people

    to think about when they think of your company? • What’s your specialty? • Low-Cost? (volume, volume, volume) • High-end? • Custom? • Accessible? • Fast?
  5. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Branding Personal Branding What do you want people

    to think about when they think of YOU as a person? • Are you professional? • Are you knowledgeable? • Are you sociable? • Do you have integrity? • Are you generous? • Are you snooty? • Are you active in your community?
  6. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Marketing • Who/What is your market? • How

    are you going to attack that market? • What is your marketing message? • Does your branding fit within your marketing? • What kind of support are you going to offer?
  7. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Traveling the Road Rules of the Road •

    Get a good bank/banker • Get a good accountant and/or book keeper • Get a good attorney • Have a Marketing Plan • Deliver on your promises • Communicate with your clients (ESPECIALLY if you cannot deliver on your promises)
  8. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Be aware of your surroundings • Stay up

    to speed on current technologies • Be aware of emerging technologies • Be aware of changing markets • Consider how these might affect you • Communicate with other experts in your field
  9. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Things to consider Do you have an exit

    strategy? • Do this the rest of your life? • Sell or merge? • Expand your offerings? • Close up shop? • Go work for someone else?
  10. @MarcBenzak @DesktopServer Marc lives in Milwaukee Wisconsin where he works

    with ServerPress, LLC, a company obsessed with saving time and improving the quality of life for their customers. He likes to spend as much free time as possible hanging out with his family and has been accused of goofing off from time to time. Twitter: @MarcBenzak Professional: http://www.serverpress.com Personal blog: http://twotofive.us Email: [email protected] WordPress: http://profiles.wordpress.org/marcbenzak https://speakerdeck.com/javaboy42/so-you-want-to-be-a-freelancer