How to Win at Customer Service

How to Win at Customer Service

Some believe that the first thing a Customer Service Representative should do when they are dealing with an issue is empathize with their client. Emotions are key when it comes to empathy, so how can one, in a world where almost everything is done via text, empathize?

In this talk, Marc will go over five key factors that drive almost every customer to get to the point of reaching out, how to “read between the lines” of their issue, and determine the emotional elements involved so that you, as a service rep, can empathize with your customer and give them the type of support that will earn you years of customer loyalty.

With over 20 years of experience in supporting customers through various forms of text, Marc knows the strengths and weaknesses of the medium and will show you how to maximize the power at your fingertips to make your customers happy.


Marc Benzakein

March 18, 2018