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The Future Is Now: Understanding The Know-how of Content Creation

The Future Is Now: Understanding The Know-how of Content Creation

Presented at the Mater Dei Academy Tagaytay ICT Madness, January 2019

Jaychrist Teves

January 31, 2019

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  1. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - The process of content

    creation - How ONLINE content are so powerful nowadays (Vlog, Blog, and podcast etc). - The advantages of Youtube and Podcast Platform - Simple strategy creating and publishing of contents online (e.g: video or audio) - Introduction to the latest trends and styles of content production - Gears and tools to get started - ASK ME ANYTHING
  2. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Worked in a Factory

    - Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science - Built creative design business as a side hustle - 8+ years of design and brand experience w/ clients such as Envato, Brainhub and Personiv to name a few.
  3. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Creative Manila – Portfolio

    of the week, PH - Logo Daily by Creato, AU - Fomolist – Filipino Tech & Business, PH - Hustle To Freedom Podcast, USA - Google I/O Manila - Hack Manila 2018 - The Tao of Self-confidence
  4. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Former Co-founder of DesignPlusHub

    - Independent UI/UX Practitioner - Designer and founder of Poddle.Design - Creator of The Design Life Show (TDLS) Podcast - Writes at jaychristteves.com - And spoke for over 50 events with thousands of audience
  5. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com Why are you here today?

    Why are you here today? Why are you here today? Why are you here today? Why are you here today?
  6. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Within your content team

    - From your target audience - From other stakeholders in your company - From new data - From something that inspires you
  7. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Find opportunities through keyword

    research - Solicit customer/audience feedback - Put yourself in your audience’s shoes - Brainstorm with larger groups in your org - Investigate what your competition is doing
  8. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Decide what form you

    want to publish - Investigate which types of content have already been created around your topic - Make sure you’re doing appropriate keyword research around your topic - Make sure to prepare a content calendar
  9. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com 1. What persona am I

    targeting with this piece of content? 2. How much time and money can I invest into creating this piece of content? 3. Is the content I’m creating timely? Or is this piece of content evergreen? 4. Which audiences or groups of customers will this content help? 5. Who in my organization will this piece of content help?
  10. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - This part you’re already

    a pro at - Utilize the plans you’ve made and ideation you’ve done to produce a phenomenol finished product - If you’ve set up steps 1 and 2 effectively, you should have everything you need to create amazing content
  11. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Decide where you will

    distribute and how you promote your content - Maximize the power of social media - Consistent is the key - Create adjustments if needed
  12. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com There are 4.1 billion Internet

    users in the world as at December 2018. This is compared to 3.9 billion Internet users in mid 2018 and about 3.7 billion Internet users in late 2017 Source: hostingfacts.com
  13. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com Asia has the most Internet

    users of all continents — accounting for 49 percent of all Internet users (down from about 50 percent in 2017 and up from about 48 percent mid 2018). Europe is a runner up with 16.8 percent of all Internet users. Source: hostingfacts.com
  14. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Has over 2 billion

    users - Almost 5 billion videos are watched on Youtube every single day - YouTube gets over 30 million visitors per day - Female users are 38% and male users are 62% - YouTube has launched local versions in more than 88 countries
  15. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - New platform that waiting

    to utilized here in PH - Podcasting as a whole has been growing rapidly - You can start it easily & with very cheap cost - It also attracts the educated and relatively wealthier sections of the society more - Podcasting audience is well balanced at the moment (52% vs. 48% for women)
  16. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Filmora or Adobe After

    Effect - Xsplit or OBS for Livestreaming or live video content - Smartphone at least with a resolution of 720 pixels by 1280 pixels - Computer & internet - Publish in different social media channel
  17. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Your authentic voice and

    creativity - Smartphone and a headset with mic - Audio interface and microphone - Audacity, Adobe Audition or Pro Tools - Podcast Hosting Service (PHS) (Soundcloud) - Computer and internet - Promote in any of your social media channel
  18. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Your own personal website

    with CMS - Your creativity and story telling skills - Pen and paper - Any type of word/text application - Publish on your site and to all social media channel - Free Stockphotos from Unsplash and Freepik)
  19. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com - Chris Do of TheFutur.com

    - Simon Sinek of StartWithWhy.com - Garry Vaynerchuck - Matt D’ Avella - The Minimalists - Jaychrist Teves
  20. ©2018 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristdesign www.jaychristteves.com Reach out if you have

    any questions! For more workshops visit jaychristteves.com/workshops