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User Interface & User Experience Workshop

User Interface & User Experience Workshop

(Why it is important for innovation and how can you practically implement it for your products?)

Presented at SPEAR Bootcamp and Pitch Competition. Batangas City, Philippines 2019

Jaychrist Teves

May 09, 2019

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  1. Why it is important for innovation & how can you

    practically implement it for your product? @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com www.thedesignlifeshow.com www.poddle.design
  2. Let’s dive in how human mind works. How can we

    measure public opinion? Can we mold it? More questions‘ inside… Human Mind Mental States 01 These terms “UI/UX or UI & UX” is NOT just a buzz word. Learn the mindset behind it. Why it’s important for innovation?... Defining The Term “UI & UX” 02 Let’s dig deeper on how can we make this world a better place. Solving real problems can benefit not only you but others as well… Application For Real-world Problems 03 Let’s apply it and try to shape the user’s behavior. Having a growth mindset is everything in here… Let’s Put It Into Work 04 This is the most valuable part of the presentation as we know that everyone has different understanding and situations. I’ll try to answer & give value as much as I can. This is where you throw all your questions… Ask Me Anything 05

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  7. Why are you here? Why are you here? Why are

    you here? Why are you here? Why are you here? Ice Breaker Mini Game
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  9. A human mind consist of variety of mental states in

    commonsense terms, such as emotions: • Fear • Disgust • Love • Memory • Planning the future • Concentrating on task Source: NCBI
  10. - Donald Norman, Author of The Design of Everyday Things

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  14. - Jaychrist Teves, Designer and Host of The Design Life

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  16. The term “design” covers a wide range of disciplines, each

    offering its own specialist skills and services. These are some of the more common design disciplines: architecture, engineering, exhibition and display, fashion & textiles, graphics/visual communications, interiors, multimedia, packaging, product/industrial. Source: design for business
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  18. - Paul Rand, Graphic Designer & Logo Creator of IBM

  19. Paul Rand, Eye Bee M (1981)

  20. Paul Rand, Eye Bee M (1981) Ueno (2018)

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  22. • UI design stand for User interface design • UX

    design refers to user experience design • Both are crucial an IT product • Need to work closely together • Despite being very integral to each other • These two involves distinct processes
  23. Wait, you don’t make graphics? and Why is the new

    designer interviewing people?
  24. • Strategy and Context • Wireframing and Prototyping • Execution

    and Analytics
  25. Different brand same experience but of a product, people largely

    prefered one over the other, why?
  26. • Look and Feel • Responsiveness and Interactivity

  27. - Jaychrist Teves, Designer & Host of The Design Life

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  33. - Jaychrist Teves, Designer & Host of The Design Life

  34. Let’s have some fun while learning:

  35. - Jaychrist Teves, Designer & Host of The Design Life

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  42. Reach out if you have any questions!

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