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Fundamentals Of Graphic Design (And WHY everyone is a creative)

Fundamentals Of Graphic Design (And WHY everyone is a creative)

Presented in a Facebook Live Webinar for PayStaff group called Filipino Freelancers with Australian Clients FB Community. Over 300 individuals attended, April 2019

Jaychrist Teves

April 04, 2019

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  1. (And WHY everyone is a Creative) © 2019 Jaychrist Teves

    @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com
  2. With more than 9 years of design and brand experience,

    I had the opportunity to developed products and services for companies such as Envato, Happy Orange Project, Priority Consultants, RVPRCO, Brainhub, Bodies.tv, Walkthrough and Personiv, to name a few. BRAND DEVELOPMENT & DESIGN CONTENT CREATION / MARKETING UI/UX PRACTITIONER (WEB DEV) WORKSHOPS & MENTORSHIP © 2019 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com
  3. As of now I’m continuously building my personal brand (jaychristteves.com)

    and hosting a podcast called TDLS (thedesignlifeshow.com) where I talk with different creative & entrepreneurs.
  4. Why are you here today? Why are you here today?

    Why are you here today? Why are you here today? Why are you here today? © 2019 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com
  5. Creativity is the act of turning new and imaginative ideas

    into reality. Creativity is characterised by the ability to perceive the world in new ways, to find hidden patterns, to make connections between seemingly unrelated phenomena, and to generate solutions. Creativity involves two processes: thinking, then producing. Source: creativityatwork.com © 2019 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com
  6. THINKING The process where you generate ideas and solutions through

    sessions PRODUCING The process of creating the actual idea into a physical thing © 2019 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com
  7. • GD is a communication tool • GD is a

    practice of planning • GD an art of projecting ideas and experiences • The form can be physical or virtual • Visual + Concept = Graphic Design • Can be images, words, or graphics © 2019 Jaychrist Teves @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com Source: www.aiga.org
  8. • You have to decide & choose • Typography +

    Color + Imagery = Context • Acquire relevant tools for your journey • Keep in mind that practice does NOT equal to perfection • Network with other creative professional • Study the human behavior • Never stop creating & learning • Master the fundamentals and apply it to real-world problems Image source: Unsplash @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com
  9. • Adobe Creative Suite (Adobe XD, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator &

    InDesign) • GIMP • Affinity Photo • Corel Draw (Alt) • Sketch • Figma Image source: Unsplash @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com
  10. Image source: Unsplash @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com • Adobe Stock Photos •

    Shutterstock.com • Pixabay.com • Unsplash.com • Freepik.com • Flaticon.com • Icons8.com • Creativemarket.com • Envato.com • sketchappsources.com
  11. Image source: Unsplash @jaychristteves www.jaychristteves.com • Own website • Local

    Creative Meetups • Behance.net • Dribbble.com • Instagram • And other social media platforms: • Facebook • Twitter • LinkedIn