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Establishing a Career in Graphic Design

Establishing a Career in Graphic Design

Presented at Cavite State University - Silang Campus on Oct 26, 2019


Jaychrist Teves

October 26, 2019


  1. Establishing a Career in Graphic Design @jaychristteves

  2. What You’ll Learn • Overcoming roadblocks • Creating a professional

    portfolio • How to be job ready • Ace the interview • Freelancing life as a creative @jaychristteves
  3. Overcoming Roadblocks @jaychristteves

  4. Ditch the thinking of being perfect. @jaychristteves

  5. Overthinking is the #1 cause of not doing anything for

    something you’re passionate at. @jaychristteves
  6. It’s okay to start Small . @jaychristteves

  7. @jaychristteves People don’t wanna start small cause they don’t

    wanna look less than anyone, where in fact starting small is the smartest thing you could do.
  8. Have a BHAG. @jaychristteves Big Hairy Audacious Goal. Built

    to Last: Successful Habits of Visionary Companies” by Jim Collins and Jerry Porras
  9. @jaychristteves Always play the game with a infinite mindset

    although we’re living in a finite world.
  10. @jaychristteves Creating a Professional Portfolio

  11. STOP worrying about looking good. @jaychristteves

  12. @jaychristteves Sharing your personal journey/challenges is extremely useful if

    you want to build a long-term creative & professional career.
  13. Worry more about achieving your goals. @jaychristteves

  14. @jaychristteves People don’t care enough if your work looks

    good in any screen, they only care about on how you can help them solving their own problems.
  15. • Identify a problem that resonates with you & find

    a way to solve it • Build a portfolio/website that resonates with your target niche • Communicate “Why” “What” and “How” ideally for just 5 seconds • Under promise and over deliver • Be consistent @jaychristteves What you should do
  16. How To Be A Job Ready @jaychristteves

  17. Being an excellent communicator is not a soft skill anymore.

    It’s an essential skill now for any job. @jaychristteves
  18. @jaychristteves 90% of people afraid of speaking. But, as

    I always said that you need to spill out your ideas or forever hold your peace.
  19. @jaychristteves Learn These 5 MUST Have Skills

  20. • Creativity • Collaboration • Persuasion • Adaptability • Time

    Management @jaychristteves Learn & Develop
  21. @jaychristteves Ace The Interview

  22. Don’t worry about your accent/grammar. @jaychristteves

  23. @jaychristteves Don’t think about what others thinking about you,

    cause they’re busy thinking about what others think about them.
  24. Be yourself by studying others. @jaychristteves

  25. @jaychristteves Observing others how they behave in a situation

    or environment says a lot of things about yourself.
  26. Position yourself as a forever learner. @jaychristteves

  27. @jaychristteves Never stop learning because, knowledge is not just

    power. Knowledge is profit as well. When you keep learning you’ll Keep earning something.
  28. @jaychristteves Freelancing Life as a Creative

  29. Being a creative professional is a hate - love relationship. @jaychristteves
  30. @jaychristteves You’ll face a lot of uncertainty but, you’ll

    figure out along the way that acquiring the right mindset not just the right skills is extremely useful on pursuing a unconventional path.
  31. Imposter Syndrome is real. @jaychristteves

  32. @jaychristteves You’ll feel that you’re not enough but, that’s

    just a way of telling yourself that you’re just a human being.
  33. Turn every challenges into opportunities. @jaychristteves

  34. @jaychristteves If you tap into your natural creativity, you

    have a chance to be extraordinary.
  35. Ask Me Anything @jaychristteves

  36. Limitations Breed Creativity @jaychristteves TURNING CHALLENGES INTO OPPORTUNITIES NOVEMBER

    20, 2020 Learn more at
  37. Thank You!