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The Importance of Open Source

The Importance of Open Source

How to Build a Table; How to Change a Car’s Oil; How Cook a Turkey; search for these and you will find countless of YouTube videos on each of these topics. People share their knowledge in hopes that it will be helpful to others. As a result, lots of people know how to build tables, change oil, and cook turkeys. But what if that information wasn’t shared? What if only one company made all of the tables and knew how to make tables? That’s kind of how software development is, unless that software is Open Source like WordPress.


Joe Casabona

July 16, 2016


  1. The Importance of Open Source Joe Casabona joe.co/wclvpa-os

  2. Imagine a Baby

  3. None
  4. The Loss of the Library in Alexandria 47 BC

  5. Creation of Moveable Type 1450 AD

  6. Invention of the Internet

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  10. Open Source means Sharing Information 1

  11. WordPress vs. Banner

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  16. Open Source means Software Democracy 2

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  19. Through Access, there is Opportunity

  20. Open Source means Accessibility 3

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  25. Open Source means Strong Community 4

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  27. 1. Share Information 2. Give everyone who wants one a

    voice 3. Be accessible to those who need us
  28. WELCOME!

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 @ Crowd Favorite Teacher Joe Casabona

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