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What Full Site Editing Means for Page Builders

Joe Casabona
October 13, 2021

What Full Site Editing Means for Page Builders

Joe Casabona

October 13, 2021

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  1. What Full Site Editing Means for Page Builders Joe Casabona

    - joe.casa/pbs21
  2. War of the Worlds, as told by Orson Welles, 1938

  3. Video Killed the Radio Star, The Buggles 1979(also 1981)

  4. Radio isn’t Dead!

  5. Audio Dramas are back thanks to podcasts!

  6. Will the Block Editor Kill Page Builders?

  7. It’s Really Up to Page Builders. Here’s how they can

  8. What We’ll Cover • What is Full Site Editing and

    how does it work? • Pros and Cons of Block Editor vs. Page Builders • How Page Builders will bene fi t • How Page Builders can work with Full Site Editing
  9. How FSE Works

  10. @jcasabona What is Full Site Editing? The goal of the

    full site editing project is to utilize the power of Gutenberg’s block model in an editing experience beyond post or page content. In other words, the idea is to make the entire site customizable. This editing mode will understand the structure of the site and provide ways to modify global elements like headers and footers. https://make.wordpress.org/design/handbook/focuses/full-site-editing/
  11. @jcasabona FSE Features • Page Template Editor • Blocks in

    Widget Areas • SOME site and query loop blocks Currently in Core Currently in Plugin • Global Styles • Template Parts • Full Template Editing
  12. Demo! Time for a Quick Demo… Let's do it!

  13. None
  14. Pros and Cons

  15. Pros of Page Builders • Rows • More design elements

    • More mature products • Lots of options
  16. Cons of Page Builders (vs. Gutenberg) • Not as performant

    • Generally bloated (markup, assets) • Not part of Core, so more dependencies • Generally not as accessible
  17. Will FSE Kill 
 Page Builders?

  18. No! 
 But it will change how we use them.

  19. How will Page Builders Benefit? • More competition = better

    products. • They’ll be able to share more elements from them theme without custom interfaces
  20. How they can work with FSE

  21. Imagine This • No more hunting for the perfect theme

    • No more setting theme defaults again in page builders • No more killing template elements to make page builders work
  22. With FSE… • Page builders can tap into theme.json and

    share resources • There can be more of a focus on actual page design and not design + design elements + structure • It will be easier to style things universally across tools and elements that use blocks
  23. Page Builders served an important purpose when we only had

    the classic editor.
  24. Example: Kadence Blocks

  25. Right now Page Builders seem like Radio…

  26. But from here, they can evolve into a new format,

    just like audio dramas and podcasting.
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