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Sleigh-ing Traffic: Using Podcasts to Boost Holiday Page Views

Sleigh-ing Traffic: Using Podcasts to Boost Holiday Page Views

Start sleigh-ing traffic using podcasts to boost holiday page views in 3 ways: guesting, having your own, and sponsoring podcasts.

Joe Casabona

October 06, 2021

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  1. Sleigh-ing Traffic: Using Podcasts to Boost Holiday Page Views Joe

    Casabona - casabona.org/holiday
  2. Let’s Talk About Gloves.

  3. Nick Guy, Wirecutter, GMA

  4. I Bought Those Gloves. But More Importantly… • Nick provided

    good, relevant information • Drove traf fi c to website • Those gloves were sold out for weeks.
  5. (Also NYTimes Bought Wirecutter that next year)

  6. Podcasting.

  7. 3 Ways to Increase Page views with Podcasts • Go

    on other people’s podcasts • Have your own podcast • Podcast sponsorship / partnership
  8. Go on other people’s Podcasts

  9. Why? • This is the Wirecutter / GMA approach. •

    Build your audience by getting in front of other audiences. • YOU provide value and can drive traf fi c to your site.
  10. How to Find Podcasts • Look on Apple Podcasts, Spotify,

    and Listen Notes • Find podcasts in your niche / category that talk to your target audience • Write a pitch email that puts the listener fi rst.
  11. Your job is to add value, not talk about how

    great you are.
  12. Alternative Hire a Podcast Agent or PR Agency

  13. How to Be a Good Guest • Provide good value

    for the listeners, based on your expertise or products. • Don’t hard pitch! • Have a clear call to action and a landing page.
  14. Your Call to Action / Offer will be what drives

  15. Tips for CTA • Make it an easily speakable URL

    • Have a freebie or offer related to the subject • Capture email addresses
  16. Tip Make it better than a discount. A PDF that

    helps listeners is compelling (And you can still do the discount)
  17. Start Your Own Podcast

  18. Why? • This is the longer game • Allows you

    to continuously establish expertise, grow audience, drive traf fi c • Highly reusable content (podcast, YouTube, blog, newsletter)
  19. How to Run Your Podcast • Talk about the problems

    and solutions your target audience has • Highlight your products every so often • Have a clear CTA to get people to your website and build your list
  20. Episode Ideas • 3 ways to solve [Problem You Solve]

    • Customer case studies • Behind the Scenes on how a product was created • Listener feedback and questions
  21. @jcasabona Examples of Brands with Great Podcasts • Deliverability De

    fi ned (ConvertKit on how to send better emails) • Store Builders (Nexcess on growing your eCommerce Store) • Audience Podcast (Castos on running a better podcast + podcast news) • Thoroughly Considered (Studio Neat about how they design and create physical products)
  22. Tip Build your list with a clear CTA!

  23. Podcast Sponsorship

  24. Why? • People who listen to a show trust the

    host • You can be speci fi c about your messaging and when the ad runs • The direct sell is expected
  25. How to do Podcast Sponsorships • Make sure the host

    does the ad read • Know difference between permanent and dynamically inserted ads • Let the host use your product / service • Sponsor at least 6 episodes
  26. Measuring ROI • This is hard! • Have a custom

    landing page for listeners (That clear CTA again…) • Have a discount code to track purchases • Understand this could be more about awareness than buying right now
  27. The biggest Takeaway? A Clear CTA!

  28. Joe Casabona @jcasabona - casabona.org/holiday

  29. Special Offer! FREE PDF and Podcast Consult casabona.org/holiday Plus a

    discount on Podcast Liftoff…