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4 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

4 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast

Monetizing your podcast doesn't just mean sponsors. There are methods you can employ to generate income from your show - whether it's direct dollars or warm leads.
In this 30-minute workshop, you will learn 4 ways you can make money podcasting, as well as some actionable items to get you started!


Joe Casabona

August 11, 2020

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  1. 4 Ways to Monetize Your Podcast Joe Casabona | @jcasabona

  2. The 4 Ways • Sponsorship • Lead Generation • Crowdfunding/Membership

    • Affiliate Links
  3. Sponsorship Having brands pay for an ad during you a

    podcast episode
  4. Getting Sponsors • Have a Pitch Deck (you can download

    mine at https://podcastliftoff.com/gowp/) • Reach out to brands you have a personal relationship or really use • Start low. $25 or $50 to start • Leverage your entire audience, not just your podcast listeners.
  5. Making a Pitch Deck • Who you are • Info

    about your show • Your primary audience and demographics • Downloads per 7, 30, and 45 days • Overall reach (newsletter, socials, etc) • Pricing
  6. Install Analytics on your website from Day 1.

  7. • Google Analytics • Podtrac • Facebook Pixel

  8. Lead Generation Sell your own Products or Services

  9. Getting Leads • Have a clear CTA at top and

    bottom of show • I would recommend your mailing list • Make sure your episodes establish your authority on whatever you’re selling
  10. Building Your List • Have a compelling opt-in to get

    people to sign up • Make it based on your episodes • Keep that list warm! • Examples: https://buildsomething.email https://podcastworkbook.com
  11. Sell Products • If you’re strictly selling products you should

    still build your list • BUT also have a clear CTA on how to purchase right now • A discount code specifically for listeners won’t hire • Be consistent, every week, top and bottom of show
  12. Crowdfunding Get your listeners to pay for bonus content.

  13. Bonus Content • Provide your listeners member benefits for subscribing

    • Ideas: Ads-free episodes Bonus segments or episodes Members-only Newsletter Behind the Scenes content
  14. This is the Hardest One! • You should have a

    big following for this, or lots of loyal followers. Building that list will help • Make the benefits to them SUPER clear • Really think about the benefits - don’t just throw something together • Make sure you’re not adding a ton of work. Doing everything for 1 subscriber is dejecting
  15. • Memberful • A Membership plugin for WordPress (pick your

    favorite) • Substack • One tricky part: having a private, members-only feed. Both Memberful and Wishlist Member offer secure feeds
  16. Affiliate Income Add affiliate links to your show and show

  17. Easiest Path! • You can start doing this today •

    Recommend products and tools on your show and add affiliate links • If you have guests, link to their products with affiliate links • If you already have a show, update your show notes • Also have show notes and transcripts
  18. Implementing Affiliate Links • Make the URLs speakable • I

    use ThirstyAffiliate in WordPress • You can also use a URL shortener like bit.ly or YOURLS • Redirection for WordPress is great because it tracks hits
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  25. Recommendation • Start with Affiliate Links TODAY • Start building

    your list. It will help for any one of these methods • Build a pitch deck and reach out to brands you have personal relationships with. Charge them very little to sponsor the show
  26. Consultant & Educator I help tell your story. @jcasabona https://podcastliftoff.com/gowp/

    Joe Casabona
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