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Designer as storyteller: Influencing leadership through visual metaphor

Designer as storyteller: Influencing leadership through visual metaphor

by Justin Cheong & Will Farrier.

When ‘design speak’ starts getting in the way of ‘design thinking’, how do you cut through the jargon to make a case for the deeper value of a design mindset?

The language of Human-Centred Design has entered the vocabulary of corporate leadership, but without the accompanying mindset change needed to deliver on it. We hear lots of talk about MVPs, co-design and journey maps, but the end result often looks the same as it always did.

This talk explores the art of visual metaphors and their use in creating an emotionally persuasive case for design. We’ll take you through the development of a thought experiment that got home care executives engaging with design beyond a surface level understanding.

Justin Cheong

May 14, 2020

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