R and R Studio Setup

R and R Studio Setup

Instructions for the installation and setup of R and R Studio for PSYC 560 Exploratory Data Analysis and Visualization in the MS Clinical Psychology Program, California Lutheran University, Thousand Oaks, CA.


Jamie D. Bedics, PHD, ABPP

August 06, 2020


  1. Instructor: Jamie Bedics, PhD, ABPP 1 R AND R STUDIO

  2. 2

  3. 3 1. Go to: https://www.r-project.org/

  4. 4 2. Click on CRAN 3. Iowa State with `https`

    has always worked well for me. These are called “mirrors”
  5. 5 4. Select your Operating System Mac or Windows

  6. 6 4a. Mac Need Both

  7. 7 4b. Windows Click here Then Click here

  8. 8 Macintosh http://www.tug.org/mactex/ Windows https://miktex.org/download OPTIONAL FOR PRODUCTION

  9. 9

  10. 10 1. Go to: https://rstudio.com/ As of June, current homepage

    has support of BLM Find and click ‘Download”
  11. 11 Download

  12. 12 Choose your operating system: Windows or Mac Go through

    the steps to open the file on your system
  13. 13 These are the two icons you’ll have on your

    desktop • This icon is for “R”. • It’s the actual R software that runs our statistics and data analysis • We rarely, if ever, use it except to update. • This icon is for “R Studio”. • We run R through R Studio. • R Studio is a user interface that runs R and adds a variety of additional functions that make it very powerful We always use R Studio. You need both R and R Studio and we update both separately.
  14. 14 ::Settings These are all personal preferences and minor tweaks

  15. 15 GLOBAL OPTIONS Your R Studio will not look like

    this when you first open it up
  16. 16 Copy these boxes Don’t forget to hit “apply” Select

  17. 17 Don’t forget to hit “apply”

  18. 18 Pick your preference I like dark background with color

    font and use “cobalt” Don’t forget to hit “apply”
  19. 19 Again, this is personal preference. I ask you to

    put them in this order so when I look at your screen it’s easy for me to follow Don’t forget to hit “apply”
  20. 20 No check here

  21. 21