R Studio Projects Setup

R Studio Projects Setup

A description of how to setup R Studio Projects for statistics courses at CLU.


  1. R PROJECT SETUP Instructor: Jamie Bedics, PhD, ABPP 1

  2. to this Go from this

  3. An R Project page

  4. R Projects • When you conduct a data analysis you

    have lots of documents and files including: • Data (e.g., *.csv, *.xlsx) • R Scripts (e.g., *.r, .Rmd) • Graphs (e.g., *.png, *.jpeg) • A R Project keeps it all together in one spot. • It allows you to stop and start up again at anytime without worry.
  5. 5 1. NEW R PROJECT

  6. 1. Open R Studio Click on “Project” and then “New

  7. 2. Click on New Directory

  8. 3. Click on ‘New Project’

  9. 4. Save the Project 1. Name the project ‘psyc560’ 3.

    If you click here, it will open the project in a new page. I always click here. 2. Save it somewhere memorable. Here, for example, I saved it to my desktop. Easy to find! 4. Lastly, Click “Create Project”
  10. Another R Studio should appear but with the ‘Project Name’

    in the upper right You should always do your work inside a project
  11. Here it is on my desktop. It automatically made a

    nice folder for me :) Here’s what the inside of the folder looks like. You click on the cube to open up the R Project and work on your assignments, etc.

  13. 13 • Plenty of cool data projects at GitHub GitHub

    • You can recreate them in a R Studio Project! Without causing damage to the original project!
  14. 14 • 538 is a news website that covers sports,

    politics and science • They use data to run statistical analyses and create visualizations to supplement their reporting • They post data on GitHub I assume you have Git installed and “talking” to R Studio
  15. 15 Click on ‘data’ https://github.com/fivethirtyeight

  16. 16 1.Click on ‘Code’ 2. Copy

  17. 1. Open R Studio Click on “Project” and then “New

  18. 2. Click on Version Control

  19. 3. Click on Git

  20. 4. Save the Project 1. Paste the address from GitHub

    2. I called it ‘538data’ 3. Save it somewhere like your desktop
  21. It works a little bit…

  22. New R Project Git is “live” Files are here in

    R Studio
  23. Files are here on your computer or Google Drive

  24. 24 Additional Support https://support.rstudio.com/hc/en-us/articles/200526207- Using-Projects

  25. 25