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What Is Your Greatest Design Challenge?

What Is Your Greatest Design Challenge?

The following presentation was my Ignite talk at the kick-off to IxDA's chapter in Ottawa, Ontario. Hat Tip to the IxDA for their support and to the volunteers and organizers who made this event possible. Honoured to be asked to share experiences and ideas with the local design community.

Jeff Parks

May 09, 2012

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  1. What Is Your Greatest Design Challenge?

  2. My GREATEST Design Challenge... May not be what you’re expecting...

  3. None
  4. People ...they also represent our greatest opportunity!

  5. Technology is dead simple! If x = y then do

  6. “Database Architects design for machines. Information Architects design for people!”

    Jesse James Garrett - Chief Creative Officer Adaptive Path
  7. Technology was the barrier...

  8. ...today technology is the excuse!

  9. “The [conversation] is the thing wherein we’ll catch the conscious

    of the king!”
  10. “...a lot of people who are coming [to their site]

    are either in the dark about what they do, or worse, form an incorrect conclusion based on assumptions about what they do.” - Steve Krug Author Don’t Make Me Think!
  11. “The lines humanity has drawn in the dirt we call

    borders are vanishing!” - Jeff Parks 2012 Closing Keynote Polish IA Summit in Warsaw
  12. None
  13. “The leaders I know would be unlikely to say, ‘I

    guide this organization based on emotion’ ... Don’t fight this. Empathize and turn your insights into valuable material for him or her.” - Indi Young Author Rosenfeld Media’s “Mental Models”
  14. “We are soft wired (via mirror neurons) for Sociability, Attachment,

    Affection, and Compassion... The first drive is the drive to actually Belong!” Jeremy Rifkin - Best Selling Author, Political Advisor, and Ethical Poet
  15. Have you ever been down here?

  16. http://www.digiaux.com @jeffparks