WIAD 2016 Montreal Opening Keynote - Curating the Curious Mind

Fece36d125415ab447e902f9f0aa8764?s=47 Jeff Parks
February 20, 2016

WIAD 2016 Montreal Opening Keynote - Curating the Curious Mind

As change and data continue to overwhelm, allow me to position the discipline of Information Architecture as the opportunity to curate curiosity from all perspectives. We live in a world where everyone appears to be speaking from the meme space as "expert". Perhaps we need to express the desire for a corporate culture that embraces the unknown and considers new possibilities based on what we have already created. To stretch our imaginations and innovate we must acknowledge our own biases that prevent the structuring of new spaces that dwell both in solitude and celebration.

This talk will draw inspiration from Plato, Adam Greenfield, Joseph Campbell, Biologist Stewart Kauffman, Steve Johnson, Dr. Oliver Sacks, Dr. Daniel Levitin, and author Jack Kerouac. A series of stories and professional experiences will be shared culminating in our collective need to seek ideas beyond our own complacent truisms in order to inspire curiosity; rather than presenting businesses and customers with irrefutable, absolutes that no longer exist.


Jeff Parks

February 20, 2016