The Intersubjective Mind - Embracing the Unknown

Fece36d125415ab447e902f9f0aa8764?s=47 Jeff Parks
February 24, 2018

The Intersubjective Mind - Embracing the Unknown

We live in a world that overwhelms. We struggle with balance, to find a purpose, to feel understood and valued. How do we focus our thoughts and by extension our interactions with other people in a forward direction? The discipline of Information Architecture strives at its core to derive understanding. As the world inverses the acronym of IA towards the machine, how do we ensure that we always work first and foremost from the desire to understand one another?

Drawing inspiration from over 15 years in the discipline of Information Architecture as well as thought leaders outside the discipline including: Mustafa Suleyman, Alan Watts, Martin Ruef, David Hume, Oliver Sacks, Shunryu Suzuki, and Jon Ronsom, Kina’ole’s Jeff Parks, one of the founders of World IA Day, will tie together the past with the present to suggest a way to balance the objective reasoning of the machine age with the subjective drives of the individual.


Jeff Parks

February 24, 2018