Make Awesomeness and Celebrate IT

Make Awesomeness and Celebrate IT

Presentation given at Tennessee Women in Computing conference on October 15, 2011 in Falls Creek Falls, Tennessee.

Passion. Purpose. Promise. Pursuit. These are the 4 P's that create a Map for Awesomeness. Discover how to: embrace your passion, define your purpose, foster your promise, and engage your pursuit. Learn how to do this in a creative environment that encourages collaboration.

Questions Answered:
• How do we create opportunities that allow us to live the lives we want while being successful and happy at work?
• How do we build opportunities to connect with others and collaborate with the community?
• How do we align what we value with the actions that we take?
• How do we make awesomeness?
• How do we do good?

Links for videos included in presentation:
• Liberty Mutual Ad:
• Waiting for Superman:
• CreateAthon onCampus, Pep Rally:


Leslie Jensen-Inman

October 22, 2011