Brick & Patio Powerful Surfaces Cleaner/Removes Mortar, Scales & Algae Hydra Lift

Brick & Patio Powerful Surfaces Cleaner/Removes Mortar, Scales & Algae Hydra Lift

Hydra Lift effectively removes Mortar, Salts and Uric Scale from all Stone and Brick Surfaces. Rapidly cleans brick and patio surfaces and leaves surfaces like new. It is an ideal cleaning product to remove stain and scale on patio tiles, paving, slabs after wet weather. Shelf life 3 years, 1 litre treats 15-25m²`.


Jennifer Watson

May 18, 2015


  1. Hydra Lift Brick, Patio & Driveway Cleaner

  2. Importance of Patio & Outdoor Cleaning The exterior of the

    home needs the same care and attention as the interior of the home. So, maintenance and cleanliness of an outdoor area, patio, driveway and paved area is also important. Clean outdoor helps to give an appealing look and a good impression to visitors.
  3. Neat & Clean Brick & Patio

  4. Why to Use Hydra Lift? Hydra Lift contains a blend

    of detergents, acids, inhibitors that make it two times more effective than old-fashioned acid type cleaners. It helps to reduce expensive clean-down time. Removes salt effervescence (white staining) and dirt from paving slabs without fading the colour.
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  6. How To Use Hydra Lift? Wet area to be treated.

    Apply Hydra LIFT neat to 1:5 with water directly onto the surface to be cleaned. Leave the diluted Hydra Lift on the surface for contamination breakdown. Agitate with stiff brush and rinse thoroughly with water. Hydra Lift is suitable to use on all types of stone and brick surfaces.
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