Craftstructionism (Making Stuff)

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September 19, 2013

Craftstructionism (Making Stuff)

So Coded in Hamburg, Germany. 19th & 20th Sept. 2013

Making stuff in the real world nicely compliments making things for computer. In this talk I give examples of three projects that I made and go over the planning and implementation for each.

The first is something fun and recreational using needle and thread - my Sailor Neptune Halloween costume.

The second is something practical and large scale, involving trips to the hardware store - a standing desk for my office.

The third involves using web development tools to make something fun - a lorem ipsum generator called Riker Ipsum.

Some of the URLs I reference in this talk are:

The Colette Sewing Handbook

Sewing patterns: & Quilts made from metal Tshirts Totoro plush tutorial Deviant Art Terriermon plush pattern

Gunter the penguin from Adventure Time

Catnip eyeballs


Sawdust Industries

Standing desk ergonomics



September 19, 2013