CHAOSS Webinars: GrimoireLab

CHAOSS Webinars: GrimoireLab

Overview of the GrimoireLab system, one of the software projects produced by CHAOSS. Webinar in the series of CHAOSS Webinars. April 17th 2018.



  1. CHAOSS Webinars: GrimoireLab Introduction to GrimoireLab Jesus M. Gonzalez-Barahona

    April 17th 2018 @jgbarah
  2. ... Produce integrated, open source software for analyzing software

    development ….
  3. GrimoireLab Software development analytics with free, open source software

    (a CHAOSS project)
  4. Software development analytics

  5. GrimoireLab architecture

  6. Architecture: extraction

  7. Architecture: enrichment

  8. Architecture: exploitation

  9. Example: producing a dashboard (es) $ pip install grimoire-mordred

    (es) $ mordred -c mordred.cfg (assumes Elasticsearch at http://localhost:9200, Kibiter at http://localhost:5601 ) Needs: mordred.cfg, projects.json, identities.yaml, menu.yaml
  10. Try GrimoireLab with a single line!! $ docker run

    -p 5601:5601 -v $(pwd)/credentials.cfg:/override.cfg -t grimoirelab/full credentials.cfg: [github] api-token = XXX http://localhost:5601