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Test Automation for the Non-Technical Tester

Jim Holmes
December 06, 2012

Test Automation for the Non-Technical Tester

Presented at STC Bangalore 2012.

Non-technical testers sometimes fear automated testing. Often this fear is from FUD or misunderstanding automation's role. This talk hopes to bridge the gap of misunderstanding so non-technical testers (those who've traditionally been "manual" testers) can understand how automation helps them deliver better value to the project by focusing on exploratory and high-value testing instead of rote repetition of manual test scripts.

Jim Holmes

December 06, 2012

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  1. Test Automation for the Non- Technical Tester Understanding Automation’s Value

  2. Jim Holmes @aJimHolmes Jim.Holmes@Telerik.com http://FrazzledDad.com http://bit.ly/JimAtTestStudio

  3. “Scripted manual tests are immoral” -- Robert “Uncle Bob” Martin,

    NYC BDD Exchange conference, 1 Oct 2012 (@gojkoadzic http://bit.ly/11Vbm8t)
  4. None
  5. Medical Devices

  6. Mindless repetition of scripts? Poor value for company

  7. Automation frees testers to do higher value work

  8. Exploratory Testing: Use testers’ skills and knowledge

  9. Why do testers avoid automation?

  10. Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt (FUD)

  11. “Automation is going to take away my job!”

  12. “I don’t know how to write code!”

  13. “There’s too much to learn!”

  14. “If you dislike change, you’ll dislike obsolescence even more” --

    General Eric Shinseki, Chairman, US Joint Chiefs of Staff
  15. Don’t fear automation, learn where you can use it to

    add more value
  16. Automation “checks” software, People “test” software -- Michael Bolton, 2009

  17. Automated tests “check” for regressions...

  18. They’re fast, repeatable, and specific

  19. Automation can give rapid feedback

  20. ...but there’s much they can’t see

  21. Types of automation

  22. Unit Tests

  23. Integration Tests

  24. Functional (UI) Tests

  25. Performance/Load, Security

  26. Testing Pyramid -- Permission from Lisa Crispin

  27. HOW automation is used

  28. Unit Tests Run locally (constantly!) by developers

  29. All Types Regularly or scheduled on build/testing server

  30. Where can testers collaborate with developers on automated tests?

  31. Developers write “shallow” or “Happy Path” tests

  32. Testers bring different views to project

  33. Testers help extend coverage of automated tests (But focus on

    valuable tests!)
  34. Automation is only part of an overall quality approach

  35. “Testing is dead”

  36. No, it’s not -- but it is dramatically changing!

  37. Developer/Tester collaboration is critical for a project’s success

  38. Whole Team Approach

  39. Testers are pessimists and look for negative testing

  40. Automation shouldn’t be feared

  41. Automation checks, good testers test

  42. Automation brings more value to the customer

  43. Automation frees testers to be creative and use their skills

  44. Jim Holmes @aJimHolmes Jim.Holmes@Telerik.com http://FrazzledDad.com http://bit.ly/JimAtTestStudio