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Self-Marketing for Developers

Self-Marketing for Developers

In the Tech Community, we are curious and passionate about the technologies we use. We love sharing our knowledge and discussing our ideas, side-projects or hobbies. Finding a good way to share and engage an audience can be difficult and stressful...

How can you effectively communicate and promote your ideas? What are the keys to create your personal brand? How do you capture an audience? Where do you start?

Based on the book "Success in Programming" by Fred Harper, this talk shares tips and tricks about Self-Marketing and describes a path to become an influencer.

Done at TZ World by Zenika: https://tz.zenika.com/


Julien Landuré

April 23, 2021

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  1. Self-Marketing for Developers

  2. Julien Landuré @jlandure Julien Landuré GDG Cloud & DevFest Nantes

    Organizer GDE Cloud CTO Zenika
  3. None
  4. Why Content Marketing Social Media Marketing Inbound Marketing

  5. #1 Create great content

  6. Medium Blogposts Vidéos Podcasts Talks Customer Projects OSS Contributions StackOverFlow

  7. Share Tech news Best practices Ideas Feedbacks Events

  8. None
  9. #2 Become confident

  10. None
  11. Strong conviction

  12. Community Recognition https://golangweekly.com/ Join 26543 other subscribers today.

  13. Excellence, Community, Growth, Balance, Integrity, Hope, Innovator, Builder https://medium.com/google-developer-experts/core-values-of-a-gde-782c13370346

  14. None
  15. None
  16. #3 Increase your visibility

  17. Virtual Get a “pretty” avatar Content in english Be kind

    Help others
  18. GitHub

  19. Youtube

  20. Slides

  21. SEO

  22. None
  23. None
  24. As a Speaker “ I’m working on a talk about

    Y. What do you think? “ I submitted to @voxxedsingapore “ I’ve been accepted! Thanks @voxxedsingapore “ I’ll be @voxxedsingapore tomorrow. Come to see me and discuss about Y “ It was a great event. Here is my slides and links to Y. Available to discuss” “ Thanks to the organizing team... “ My video @voxxedsingapore is out!
  25. None
  26. None
  27. None
  28. #4 Be connected

  29. Networking Attend the events of your expertise domain Co-speaking /

  30. Regularly

  31. Brand

  32. Community MVP (Most Valuable Professional) Microsoft GDE 2 (Google Developer

    Expert) AWS Heroes Docker Captain CNA (Cloud Native Ambassador), CNCF Mozilla Tech Speakers Java Champions 1 Confluent Community Catalyst StackOverFlow Trusted User NodeJS badges GitLab Heroes 1 Zenika Advocates …
  33. Be the reference... and play with it

  34. Thank people

  35. #5 Engage your network

  36. None
  37. Engage “Call-to-actions” Landing page / Portfolio Understand your followers

  38. None
  39. Ping Contact Culture Create Ambassadors

  40. None
  41. Cons

  42. Pros # Do what you love! # Make people want

    to work with you # Help your network # Develop the organization brand
  43. To sum up

  44. To be continued ...

  45. Thanks Julien Landuré @jlandure Questions?