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On the Road to Appium 1.0

On the Road to Appium 1.0

In this presentation to the Appium SF meetup group (http://www.meetup.com/Appium-SF/), I go into some detail on what's coming up for Appium, and introduce some of the milestones we need to hit for Appium 1.0.

Jonathan Lipps

December 11, 2013

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  1. on the road to appium 1.0 Jonathan Lipps • Sr

    Developer • Sauce Labs @AppiumDevs • @jlipps • @saucelabs AppiumSF Meetup • San Francisco, CA Dec 11 2013
  2. Jonathan Lipps • Sr Developer • Sauce Labs @AppiumDevs •

    @jlipps • @saucelabs Ecosystem & Integrations Project Lead & Architect
  3. appium trivia

  4. Who gave the first talk on appium and where was

  5. None
  6. How does the appium server send data back and forth

    to the iOS bootstrap.js?
  7. Unix sockets!

  8. appium history

  9. Restarted from scratch Jan 9, 2013, based on Dan Cuellar

    and Jason Huggins’s work
  10. After almost one year...

  11. Over 3,000 commits 658 stars 532 forks 70 contributors 825

    pull requests 1,500 issues closed Dozens of conferences and meetups #AppiumSF!
  12. appium 1.0

  13. The Mobile JSON Wire Protocol: “Selenium 3” => Protocol, not

  14. Collaboration between Selenium, Appium, ios-driver, Selendroid, FirefoxOS

  15. Supported by Sauce Labs, Facebook, eBay, and Mozilla

  16. Spec available in draft form: https://code.google.com/p/selenium/ source/browse/spec-draft.md? repo=mobile

  17. appium 1.0 will implement this new, more mature spec (with

    backwards compat)
  18. New desired caps: platformName iOS platformVersion 7 deviceName iPhone 5s

  19. Locator strategies: class_name UIAPickerWheel accessibility_id Login xpath //UIAElement[3] id myElement

    ios_uiautomation app.buttons()[2] android_uiautomator ?
  20. Page source returns XML

  21. Mobile-specific APIs: virtual_keyboard acceleromator geolocation rotation battery_level network_speed

  22. Native “context” API. No more mobile: leaveWebView

  23. Server-side waits! Ask the server to wait for condition instead

    of waiting in code
  24. Official clients will add support for new features. No more

    mobile: xxx
  25. appium roadmap

  26. Real XPath parser Native Android webview support (4.3+, ?) Better

    platform support (sorry, Windows!) Better docs and tutorials Moar Appium Doctor Advanced gestures (iOS) Minimizing iOS flakiness
  27. appium for you

  28. Timeline: fluid :-) Backwards compatibility Better cross-platform (Selendroid using same

    API) Do migrate your tests early!
  29. appium community

  30. We need you to... Keep writing tests! Keep contributing code

    Help us with the migration to the 1.0 spec DDOS Apple/Google with bug reports DDOS Apple/Google with feature requests
  31. And... Keep being awesome Keep being encouraging ...people are paying

  32. Thanks for a great 2013! Here’s to another year of

    appium with you guys
  33. Questions? http://appium.io https://github.com/appium/appium @AppiumDevs • @jlipps • @saucelabs

  34. Thanks! http://appium.io https://github.com/appium/appium @AppiumDevs • @jlipps • @saucelabs