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Network Architecture based on Gaming

Network Architecture based on Gaming

Take Off Conf is about trending topics for the upcoming year, and there is a hole new range of possibilities that will start to be more on spotlight this year, because we (developers), are starting to change our mindsets to an asynchronous and really dynamic way of architecture and development.

There isn't a great and big historic about this kind of development, building real time applications, when we are talking about web apps, there is a lot to be discussed and explored, and this is exactly what I want to talk about.

The most of the developers already was or still are a game addicted, so we all know that there isn't nothing more dynamic, asynchronous and multi-thread that multiplayer networked games, and games still have a lot to contribute with us in this new application development era, where one of the most known proverbs are that "Speed matters, and matters a lot!"

This is what this talk is about, we are gonna pass by some of game philosophy and bring this concepts to this new dynamic architecture model that we (developers) and the users of ours applications are seeking.

João Moura

January 18, 2013

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