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Choosing Your JavaScript Framework

John Papa
November 09, 2018

Choosing Your JavaScript Framework

Don't blink - a new JavaScript framework just came out.

The world of web development is moving fast, and you have to make decisions today on which tools to use. Let’s examine the current state of JavaScript's most popular frameworks: React, Vue and Angular and think about how we make these decisions and what questions we should ask ourselves ...

- What features do they each offer?
- Which are ideal for building large scale apps?
- Which cover everything your business needs for now and the foreseeable future?
- And are these even the right questions to ask?

Let’s find out together.

John Papa

November 09, 2018

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  1. Choosing Your Framework @john_papa John Papa Web Developer, Microsoft

  2. @john_papa

  3. Life is an education. It is learned mostly through what

    you discover on your own and not through what others tell you @john_papa --Terry Brooks, The Skaar Invasion
  4. Choosing Your Framework @john_papa John Papa Web Developer, Microsoft

  5. @john_papa Today you can’t lose Our choices weren’t always great

  6. @john_papa

  7. @john_papa

  8. @john_papa Popularity Longevity Documentation

  9. @john_papa // Choosing the right framework // starts by asking

    the right questions if (team.shouldUse(angular) || team.shouldUse(react) || team.shouldUse(vue)) { console.log(‘How do you choose?’); } But where do we look?
  10. @john_papa

  11. @john_papa State of JavaScript 2018

  12. @john_papa State of JavaScript 2018

  13. @john_papa React 83.9% Vue 75.4% Angular 34.3% Would use again

    or would like to learn State of JavaScript 2018
  14. @john_papa https://insights.stackoverflow.com/survey/2018/#technology Angular and React, but no Vue? Tools You

  15. @john_papa https://jpapa.me/js-poll 11,000+ votes – and another answer

  16. @john_papa Don’t Make this the Only Data You Process

  17. @john_papa Features

  18. @john_papa

  19. @john_papa ↓ ↓

  20. @john_papa

  21. @john_papa TypeScript is growing in each

  22. @john_papa

  23. @john_papa State Management with Redux

  24. @john_papa React’s Redux Redux

  25. @john_papa Vue’s Vuex Redux

  26. @john_papa Angular’s NgRx-Data Redux

  27. @john_papa You can build successful apps with each

  28. @john_papa

  29. @john_papa ? ? ?

  30. @john_papa Try each Vue, React, Angular Be OK with all

    3 being awesome!
  31. Components

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  33. None
  34. None
  35. None
  36. None
  37. @john_papa Which feels best to you?

  38. @john_papa Life is an education. Terry Brooks, The Skaar Invasion

    and not through what others It is learned mostly through what you discover on your own tell you
  39. @john_papa https://jpapa.me/hero-react https://jpapa.me/hero-angular https://jpapa.me/hero-vue

  40. @john_papa Which one feels best to me? Find me in

    the hallways and we’ll chat