Designing Mobile Solutions for Social & Economic Contexts

A6d0c8c01d76befc7356ba6fb10ea2fa?s=47 Jonny Schneider
October 10, 2013

Designing Mobile Solutions for Social & Economic Contexts

Technology should help solve problems for people, but all people (and their problems) are unique - there is no one size fits all. This is especially true of Mobile, where environments and user needs are much more diverse than in other computing platforms. For instance, building mobile applications for the widest reach in India requires thinking about feature phones, non-English interfaces, the 'language' of missed calls, low-bandwidth situations, cultural nuances and numerous other unique conditions.

Jonny Schneider and Nagarjun Kandukuru argue that the practice of design thinking helps mobile developers solve the most important problems in context-appropriate ways. They demonstrate how the best mobile applications lie at the intersection of technical feasibility, business viability and crucially, user delight.


Jonny Schneider

October 10, 2013