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The Big Journey- Greece

March 13, 2017

The Big Journey- Greece

Etwinning project


March 13, 2017

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  1. None
  2. The birds started their journey from Syria to Greece. It

    was impossible for them to live there anymore. There were a lot of problems in their country. They were hungry and thirsty.
  3. Their nests were destroyed and there wasn’t any place to

    live. They suffered from the cold. They were gathered all together for the preparation of the journey.
  4. They started from Damascus and they flew low. They had

    to travel many miles. The journey would be long and difficult.
  5. They flew over mountains and plains.

  6. After a while they saw smoke and they heard a

    loud noise. There was war down on the earth. They had to fly higher in order to avoid the shots and the bombs. The older birds protected the smaller. Finally, they went away and continued their flight.
  7. Then they flew over the desert. They were very tired

    and thirsty. There wasn’t any water to drink so they decided to continue their flight. After hours of flight they reached a forest. They stopped to rest. There was a river near the forest so they drunk water.
  8. In a few days they reached Turkey.

  9. Big mountains were in front of them.

  10. Suddenly they saw a big hawk coming towards them. They

    were frightened and ran away. The hawk attacked and injured a bird. The others skulked under the rocks. When the hawk left they were gathered again, they treated the injured bird and started again to fly.
  11. They were flying over Turkey when….

  12. …a storm broke. It was impossible to continue their flight

    so they went in a cave to protect themselves. The next day they started again.
  13. Many days later they reached to the coast of Turkey.

  14. They saw the sea under them. They knew it wasn’t

    easy to fly over the sea. It was very dangerous. Strong wind blew. They couldn’t’t stop to rest. They flew over the Aegean sea. They were in Greece.
  15. Fortunately, they arrived in Athens.

  16. It was the destination of their journey.

  17. But the difficulties didn’t stop. - Where are they going

    to stay? - What are they going to eat? - How will the others accept them?