designing calm - chillapix.pdf

designing calm - chillapix.pdf

Photo-sharing for the lazy.


E. Javer Paniagua Laconich

October 04, 2012


  1. Chillax and (let it) share! E. Javier Paniagua - Designing

  2. the STRESS of sharing media When are you going to

    share your pics of our trip to Verona?? I like I already did last week!! >:0 • Our users: friends going to the same events • The need: remember nice moments without being annoyed/annoying • The insight: a smartphone can help on this, since it records WHERE I've been and also WHEN. Moreover, indirectly, with WHOm!
  3. Introducing CHILLAXSHARE

  4. prototype ui

  5. features/functionality • Photo grouping without disrupting the photo- taking activity

    • Sharing is optional: private, friends, public • Users can choose an appropriate title • The app recommends titles that other users already chose • And shares your photos for you, with the people that are interested in them, automatically.
  6. design rationale • Manual classification of photos is tedious and

    cumbersome • You do not share all your pictures. • People often share more than just 'albums'. They share events! • Event: something that happened at a given place and time • Let the phone do the sharing for me.
  7. shortcomings • naturally, it won't work for non-smartphone photos •

    you still do not get help to discard uninteresting photos • private/friends/public can be too limiting
  8. next steps • recommend photos to discard based on focus

    quality / colour composition • guess titles by looking in your agenda • integrate with social networks • do full event-centric media management? That's all, thanks!