designing calm - chillaxshare crummy trial

designing calm - chillaxshare crummy trial


E. Javer Paniagua Laconich

October 09, 2012


  1. Chillaxshare Photo-sharing for the lazy E. Javier Paniagua - Designing

  2. what it does and when you and your friends do

    things together... Your phone contains a lot of photos from different events. Chillaxshare can organise them for you... it will let you see your photos and also the ones your friends took, automatically! Oktoberfest '12 - you have these: - Alice has these: - and Bob these: (cosplayin') (florence 2012-09-22) Oktoberfest '12 (florence 2012-10-07) Oktoberfest '12
  3. the crummy trial 1. Preload photos from users that attended

    the same event 2. Do a brief survey about photo- sharing behaviour 3. Experience the prototype: ◦ the user browses his own photos of the event ◦ then he looks at related photos from friends 4. Do a final survey about the experience
  4. Crummy trial results 100% find that choosing what to share

    and with whom is time-consuming and boring (chillaxshare is a good idea) 0% nobody chose 'Public' as an option to share their photos (even though 2 users [40%] have these very same photos publicly accessible on facebook) 80% were concerned about the impact on battery performance! (that's what I call a stressor!)