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Sunset Hackathon - Pitch Team #5

D973584a6d6be79b98253b8d616671cb?s=47 JP
September 03, 2017

Sunset Hackathon - Pitch Team #5

72h non-stop hackathon by Hardware City Portugal.



September 03, 2017

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  1. @HARDWARECITY 2017 Equipa #5 - ioters Thermotechnology Product Recommendation System

  2. Concept • Thermotechnology Product recommendation system ◦ Inspired on e-commerce

    platforms • Capable of: ◦ Recommend solutions for a new home; ◦ Consider Energy Efficiency, Cheapest Solution, Balance, Long-term cost, ... http://sunsethackathon.com
  3. What we’ve done • A Web platform for customers ◦

    UX/UI • Decision-tree based product recommendation system: ◦ AC ◦ Sanitary Water • Genetic algorithm approach for combinations: ◦ Working for less complex products. http://sunsethackathon.com
  4. What we’ve done - Technical http://sunsethackathon.com

  5. Problems • Lack of a proper machine-readable product catalog; •

    Curse of dimensionality; • Complexity of the product characterization: ◦ Details, configurations, combinations, etc. • Difficulty of finding/testing different algorithms (AI based and others) http://sunsethackathon.com
  6. Next steps • Upload a fully-completed catalog in a machine-readable

    format. • Implement and experiment other recommendation systems and algorithms (AI-based): ◦ e.g.: Random Forest, Neural Nets, ... • Improvements on UI/UX of the web interface with integration with the Vulcano website and direct sales system. http://sunsethackathon.com
  7. <foto da equipa> http://sunsethackathon.com

  8. Filipa Barros @ up201305683@fe.up.pt Gonçalo Pereira @ goncalo_pereira@outlook.pt João Pedro

    Dias @ jpmdias@fe.up.pt José Pedro Pinto @ jose.cv.pinto@gmail.com Luís Sousa @ lm.sousa@fe.up.pt