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Home automation with openHAB: an Introduction

Jan-Piet Mens
November 19, 2015

Home automation with openHAB: an Introduction

Slides used during a presentation given at the NLUUG 2015 autumn conference

Jan-Piet Mens

November 19, 2015

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  1. Home automation • Connected home: thermostats, lights, sensors, blinds, audio,

    video … • Thermostats: seasonal preferences, defaults • Lights: presence triggers, night (DST changes) • Sensors: presence, temperature • Calendar: trigger “away”-mode (vacation) • Save energy The remainder of this slide deck is guaranteed bullet-free.
  2. Ha, ha, ha, ha. No! This and the previous slide

    intentionally stolen from @teichsta
  3. Why openHAB? Mix and match: DIY, Z-Wave, Homematic, … Extensible:

    add upcoming technology without replacing rules, UI, etc. GUIs: Web, Android, iOS. Doesn’t rely on cloud: neither for processing nor for control. No fees: Open Source, large active community. Choose your platform: OS with Java.
  4. ? Get a CCU to do CUL for connecting the

    HM-LC-SW1-PI to the HM-CFG-LAN or you can use Homegear or a combination of LxCCU with a plain gateway on a cubietruck and Homegear or the CCU1 without Homegear and no LxCCU. Without it the binding requires TclRega on port 8181with or with FHEM but then disable AES which will cause Homegear to no longer work. In version x the RPC goes from XML to bin but no longer does RF except with a CCU if it controls a CUL. Sounds OK to me
  5. Bindings AlarmDecoder Anel Asterisk Astro BenQ Projector Bluetooth Bticino Comfo

    Air CUL CUPS DAIKIN Davis digitalSTROM DMX512 DSC Alarm DSMR Ecobee EDS OWSever eKey Energenie EnOcean Epson Projector Exec Freebox Freeswitch Fritz AHA Fritz!Box FS20 Global Cache IR GPIO HAI/Leviton HDAnywhere Heatmiser Homematic Homegear HTTP IEC 62056-21 IHC ELKO ImperiHome Insteon Hub Insteon PLM IRtrans jointSPACE KNX Koubachi Leviton/HAI Omnilink Lg TV MAX!Cube MiLight MiOS Modbus MPD MQTT MQTTitude Neohub Nest Netatmo Network Health Network UPS Nibe Heatpump Nikobus Novelan/Luxtronic NTP One-Wire Onkyo AV Receiver Open Energy Monitor OpenPaths OpenSprinkler Philips Hue Piface pilight Pioneer-AVR Plugwise PLCBus Pulseaudio RFXCOM Samsung AC Samsung TV Serial Satel Alarm SNMP Somfy Sonos Squeezebox Swegon ventilation System TCP/UDP Tellstick TinkerForge Tivo VDR Velleman-K8055 Wake-on-LAN EcoTouch Heatpump Weather Wemo Withings XBMC xPL Yamahareceiver Zibase Z-Wave
  6. Items Switch Pplug "Power socket" { homematic="address=LEQ1068578, channel=1, parameter=STATE” }

    Number JPhttp "Value [%d]" <temperature> (Weather) { http="<[http://localhost:9001/:60000:REGEX((.*))]" } Binding
  7. Have a REST curl -X GET -H 'Accept: application/json' \

    http://localhost:8080/rest/items/Pplug { "link": "http://localhost:8080/rest/items/Pplug", "name": "Pplug", "state": "ON", "type": "SwitchItem" } curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/CMD?Pplug=TOGGLE curl, wget, jquery, etc. curl -X POST -H 'Content-Type: text/plain' \ -d ON http://localhost:8080/rest/items/Pplug
  8. Can openHAB … ? Yes Automation: scripts, rules, actions. Integration:

    Asterisk, Google calendar, media players. User Interfaces: Web, Android, iOS. Console. REST API. Actions: mail, XMPP, Prowl. Persistence: db4o, rrd, logging, MQTT, MySQL, MongoDB, InfluxDB. Transformations: JSON, XSLT
  9. Ideas Lights on after dark. Point webcam at window on

    open. Mute music when phone rings. Switch iron off when leaving home. Start irrigation at night. Switch kettle coffee machine on when alarm clock rings. Warn of open windows when leaving house.
  10. Happy customer: @sumnerboy I love my bedtime mode - auto

    enabled when I plug my phone into the charger at night (via Tasker) which turns down the heating, turns off the TV, checks all doors are closed and my PCs are shutdown, and turns off all lights after 5 mins (giving me time to get to the bedroom) just works