Update Early, Update Often

771951f55ed37335f238e1a80dfda9cd?s=47 Juanito Fatas
December 12, 2015

Update Early, Update Often

Keeping your codebase updated is great. Most of the RubyGem authors only interested in bugs from recent versions, newer gems normally come with security fixes, performance improvements. A rails major version upgrade is easier with codebase of newer gems.

This talk is about a good engineering practice, frequent update. Why frequent update and how to do it. How I ended up built a service called deppbot, and some interesting stories from building deppbot.


Juanito Fatas

December 12, 2015


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    today = Time.current.strftime("%F") new_branch = "bundle-update-#{today}" `git checkout master` `git

    pull` `git checkout -b #{new_branch}` `bundle update` `git push origin #{new_branch}` `git pull-request -m "Bundle Update #{today}" script 'depbot'
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  6. 59.…1.6.7  Parse diff and link_to repository compare view for

    code review Gem authors, please push your tags when release a gem