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Hiring hypothesis

Hiring hypothesis

Applying the lessons of 'lean start-up' and 'agile development' to hiring staff..


Matt Jukes

July 06, 2016


  1. Testing a hiring hypothesis. 
 Matt Jukes

  2. These are my lessons learned.

  3. @jukesie In 2015/16 I personally interviewed 
 60+ people and

    hired six.
  4. @jukesie On five occasions advertised jobs led to zero candidates.

  5. The biggest digital transformation challenge is people not technology. Me.

  6. @jukesie Research your job titles. Don’t get cute. Don’t be

 Do be clear. Do be honest.
  7. @jukesie A/B test the job titles. Use free job boards,

    social media and mailing lists and track which work best.
  8. @jukesie Write real job descriptions. Get people doing the jobs

    to help. It is OK to be 
 aspirational but don’t ask for the world.
  9. @jukesie Ask the community for help. Draft job descriptions on

    Hackpad. Twitter polls on 
 job titles. Feedback on interview processes.
  10. @jukesie Make the case for joining. Job descriptions are not

    enough. Write blogposts, 
 speak at meetups, sponsor unconferences.
  11. @jukesie Play to your strengths. If you can’t compete on

    salary talk about other benefits.
 Not the foosball or the game nights. 
 The challenge. The mission. The team.
  12. @jukesie Tap into your network. You are probably only one

    or two degrees of seperation
 from the best candidate. Build and nurture networks.
  13. @jukesie Take interviews seriously. Use consistent questions. Never interview alone.

    Agree with 
 other interviewer what you are looking for in a successful
 candidate. Specialist interviewers for specialist roles.
  14. @jukesie Be willing to wait. There is often pressure to

    fill a vacancy. Waiting for the
 right candidate rather than the available candidate saves
 time in the long run.
  15. @jukesie It doesn’t end at the interview. Give useful feedback

    to unsuccessful candidates. 
 Keep communicating with the successful candidate.
 Just sending an offer email and a start date is not enough.
  16. @jukesie Introductions over induction. Plan the first week or two

    for any new hire carefully with a 
 mix of the mundane and the interesting. 
 Don’t overwhelm them but get them involved asap. 
 Make them feel welcome and wanted.
  17. Thanks. Matt Jukes http://productforthepeople.xyz