The Internet of Public Service

E6968532ebe51ca317a4074869ebd2a8?s=47 Matt Jukes
September 25, 2015

The Internet of Public Service

Talk about public service internet ideas at Revolution Conf

1. Like Zach mentioned I'm Matt - Jukesie to just about everyone - and I work at the Office for National Statistics. For a change though this talk isn't about that - this is something a bit different and well to be honest you are my guinea pigs...a quick bit of housekeeping. First up I sound like a pirate not a farmer so tweet accordingly, secondly I do on occasion swear - apologies in advance..

2. Now it is clear that the 'Internet of Things' is the latest 'next big thing' - Gartner, those bastions of forward thinking, are suggesting that 25 billion 'things' will be connected to the internet by 2020. -- another study says 90% of cars will be internet connected by the same year. I look forward to cars breaking down due to dropped connections - makes me happy I can't drive.

3. Here is the thing though - I don't care. Wearing a watch so I can tell who has DM'd me without going to the massive effort of looking at my phone? A fridge that can tell me when I have run out of milk? A car that can drive itself (OK maybe that one would be good sometimes given my driving!) The way that movie Wall-E portrayed people was not supposed to be aspirational!

4. Here is what I care about - this is still what interests me...this..

5. Plus this...

6. = this. The Internet of Screens....if I thought we were done with this then maybe I could rustle up some enthusiasm for the Internet of Things. Sometimes I think our entire industry (if that is even the right word) has collective 'attention deficit disorder' always looking for something new, something different -- ooohhhh shiny -- rather than just buckling down and delivering on the promise of what we have in front of us.

7. I think when I originally wrote these slides I was perhaps suffering from some delusions of grandeur...I've been reading a LOT about politics in recent weeks and clearly it had some kind of subliminal effect. Anyway while manifesto is a bit over the top this presentation does seek to set out MY motives and views about a topic I have become increasingly passionate about these last several months..

8. This idea of an Internet of Public Service - first articulated by Adrian Hon, founder of Six to Start who make Zombies, Run!, in a blogpost last year but supported by others like Anil Dash, who founded Movable Type one of the earliest blogging platforms, who wrote an amazing piece called 'The Web We Lost' and more recently an article from @hod3r (I can't pronounce his name embarrassingly) who spent 6 years in an Iranian jail for blogging about the 'Web We Have to Save...' ------> We live in a post-Snowden world, where there is a more and more concentration of power in a small number of internet giants, where any notion of civility seems to have vanished from online communications and where misogyny runs wild. On the other hand open source has never been more influential, there are real efforts to make Government services user focused and digital first in the UK, US, Australia and further afield, there are signs that ...[something else] There is a glimmer of hope and we must build on that..

9. So my hope today is to convince at least a couple of you that I am not crazy and this is an idea worthy of further investigation at least - I don't have any answers but hopefully the rest of this talk might provide some clues as to where they might reside.

10. So I did warn you I worked at the ONS :) I just have a few statistics to set the context.

11. On average we spend more online per person in the UK than anywhere else in the world. Also more than 50% of adults with bank accounts use online banking - again more than anywhere.

12. I'm a little bit dubious about the methodology behind the Ofcom stats but they are widely referenced and suit the narrative..

13. I'm guessing there are more than a couple of Facebook refuseniks in the room - or at least people with grave concerns about their privacy policies and (we) are the outliers.

14. This is huge and a massive counterpoint to those earlier statistics. 11% NEVER used the internet.

15. ..and when 76% of people have social media profiles on 18% have ever used the internet to find out about public services available to them.

16. ...and even fewer have ever gone online to participate in their democratic rights!

17. Trolls - not a strong enough term for what is now covered. Trolls were just online wind up merchants not the devils spawn they have become.

18. see stats

19. see stats

20. First a confession - I fiddled this top 10 a bit as Google was 1 and 2! .com and which meant Wikipedia fell 11 which wasn't too helpful for the talk. This top 10 though still begs some questions...who hell still uses Yahoo? Anyone? How is hanging on - all those Hotmail accounts still? Also apparently The Lad Bible is the 12th most visited site in the UK so far this year - more than the Daily Mail, Rightmove or Reddit!

21. Anyway to meander back to the point of this talk (honestly there is a thread somewhere) of this slightly fiddled top 10 only really the BBC and Wikipedia could be considered a part of any kind of 'Internet of Public Service' the rest of the time we are busy either handing over private data or hard earned cash.

22. ..and this idea of 'public service' isn't just something that was magic'd up - it is a well established concept - this is the Ofcom definition (yea them again) as regards to broadcasting - obviously the BBC are the most famous but Channel 4 and S4C have responsibilities here as well as things like PBS and NPR in the US (so all you fans of Strictly Come Dancing, Super Ted, Sesame Street and the Serial podcast are already consumers..)

23. It is all about the 'public benefit' -->

24. Like I said before the BBC is far and away the most famous exponent of 'public service broadcasting' and there is a great deal in the news at the moment because their Charter is up for review and it is clear that the current Government is no fan of the BBC in its current form


Matt Jukes

September 25, 2015


  1. The internet of public service. @jukesie #REVOLUTIONCONF

  2. @jukesie Inter·net of things noun a proposed development of the

    Internet in which everyday objects have network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  3. @jukesie dis·in·ter·est·ed adjective having or feeling no interest in something.

  4. @jukesie Inter·net noun global computer network providing a variety of

    information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  5. @jukesie World wide web noun an information system on the

    Internet that allows documents to be connected to other documents by hypertext links, enabling the user to search for information by moving from one document to another. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  6. @jukesie Inter·net of screens noun something I made up for

    the purpose of this talk today. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  7. @jukesie man·i·fes·to noun a written statement declaring publicly the intentions,

    motives, or views of its issuer. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  8. The internet of public service. @jukesie #REVOLUTIONCONF

  9. @jukesie ad·vo·cate noun a person who publicly supports or recommends

    a particular cause or policy. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  10. @jukesie In 2015 86% of households in Great Britain (22.5

    million) have internet access. Office for National Statistics, August 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  11. @jukesie 76% of adults bought goods or services online. Office

    for National Statistics, August 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  12. @jukesie 72% of UK adults* have a social media profile.

    Ofcom, May 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  13. @jukesie Of those with a social media profile 97% are

    on Facebook. Ofcom, May 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  14. @jukesie 11% of UK adults (5.9 million) have never used

    the internet Office for National Statistics, May 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  15. @jukesie 18% used internet to find out about public services.

    Ofcom, May 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  16. @jukesie 11% used internet to look at political or campaign

    websites. Ofcom, May 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  17. @jukesie troll verb make a deliberately offensive or provocative online

    posting with the aim of upsetting someone or eliciting an angry response from them. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  18. @jukesie In 2014 1,209 people were found guilty of offences

    under Section 127 of the Communications Act 2003 Ministry of Justice, May 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  19. @jukesie In 2014 694 people were convicted under the Malicious

    Communications Act. Ministry of Justice, May 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  20. @jukesie [01] Google* [02] Facebook
 [03] Youtube [04] Amazon [05]

    Ebay [06] BBC [07] Yahoo [08] Live [09] Twitter [10] Wikipedia Alexa, September 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  21. @jukesie [01] Google* [02] Facebook
 [03] Youtube [04] Amazon [05]

    Ebay [06] BBC [07] Yahoo [08] Live [09] Twitter [10] Wikipedia Alexa, September 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  22. @jukesie public service broadcasting Refers to TV programmes that are

    broadcast for the public benefit rather than for purely commercial purposes. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  23. @jukesie “..for the public benefit rather than for purely commercial

    purposes.” #REVOLUTIONCONF
  24. @jukesie “The BBC exists to serve the public interest and

    its main object is the promotion of its public purposes.” BBC Royal Charter, July 2006 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  25. @jukesie Promoting education and learning. BBC Royal Charter, July 2006

  26. @jukesie Stimulating creativity and cultural excellence. BBC Royal Charter, July

  27. @jukesie Sustaining citizenship and civil society. BBC Royal Charter, July

  28. @jukesie “Britain invented the BBC, the NHS – we can

    and should be inventing the definitive public institution for our digital age.” Martha Lane-Fox, Richard Dimbleby Lecture 2015 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  29. @jukesie o·pen-source adjective denoting software for which the original source

    code is made freely available and may be redistributed and modified. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  30. @jukesie There are 27.2 million active repositories on Github. Approximately

    20% are open source. Github #REVOLUTIONCONF
  31. @jukesie "Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow." Linus Torvalds

  32. @jukesie The Internet is a global public resource that must

    remain open and accessible. Mozilla manifesto #REVOLUTIONCONF
  33. @jukesie Collect and develop the world's knowledge and to make

    it available to everyone for free, for any purpose. Wikimedia Foundation #REVOLUTIONCONF
  34. @jukesie Working to prevent the Internet..and other "born-digital" materials from

    disappearing into the past. The Internet Archive #REVOLUTIONCONF
  35. @jukesie friv·o·lous adjective not having any serious purpose or value.

  36. @jukesie “Some of you..are working right now on another app

    for people to share pictures of food or a social network for dogs. I am here to tell you that your country has a better use for your talents.” Mikey Dickerson, United States Digital Service #REVOLUTIONCONF
  37. @jukesie “It’s not OK not to understand the internet anymore.”

    Aaron Swartz (November 8 1986 - January 11 2013) #REVOLUTIONCONF
  38. @jukesie sanc·ti·mo·ni·ous adjective making a show of being morally superior

    to other people. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  39. @jukesie in·clu·sive adjective open to everyone - not limited to

    certain people. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  40. @jukesie “This is for everyone.” Tim Berners-Lee, July 27th 2012

  41. @jukesie com·pre·hen·si·ble adjective able to be understood; intelligible. #REVOLUTIONCONF

  42. @jukesie The original Internet was decentralized. Anyone could set up

    parts of it. That’s why it won. We want it to become decentralized. Again. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  43. @jukesie al·tru·ism noun the belief in or practice of disinterested

    and selfless concern for the well-being of others. #REVOLUTIONCONF
  44. @jukesie “..for the public benefit rather than for purely commercial

    purposes.” #REVOLUTIONCONF
  45. @jukesie “Just as people cannot live without eating, so a

    business cannot live without profits. But most people don’t live to eat, and neither must businesses live just to make profits.” John Mackey, founder of Whole Foods #REVOLUTIONCONF
  46. @jukesie “We believe that business can be a tool for

    social good.” Pierre Omidyar, founder of eBay & Omidyar Network #REVOLUTIONCONF
  47. @jukesie “Public benefit corporations will harness the power of private

    enterprise to create public benefit.” Gov. Jack Markell of Delaware, 2013 #REVOLUTIONCONF
  48. @jukesie "I don't know about you people, but I don't

    want to live in a world where someone else makes the world a better place better than we do.” Gavin Belson, founder of Hooli #REVOLUTIONCONF
  49. Thanks for listening. @jukesie #REVOLUTIONCONF