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Open Data Platfroms

Open Data Platfroms

Examines the origins, features and implications for vendors of modern platforms.

Julian Browne

June 15, 2012

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  1. The Accidental Platform

  2. None
  3. What does this mean for Buy vs Build?

  4. "A platforms strategy requires not only inviting others to build

    on the platform, but also encouraging them to build an entire business around your platform" Aleem Bawany Herald Tribune August 2010
  5. The Ultimate Platform

  6. "Some companies set out to build platform products, some do

    it almost by accident .. “ Business Patterns for Software Developers Alan Kelly 2012
  7. The Beginning

  8. customers can't pay customers won't pay customers have gone elsewhere

  9. The rise of the smart phone

  10. What is a Platform? A Common Core Shared, Used &

    Re-used by many
  11. Isn’t this just SOA ... again?

  12. Sort of ....

  13. Accessible Standardised / Consistent Federated / Autonomous Free / Cheap

  14. Widely Adopted Stable? Designed to prevent disruption? Or encourage it?

  15. Platform Hierarchy and Dominance

  16. Operating System Java Operating System Browser Flash Value-Added Application Operating

    System Apple iTunes Store Operating System ChromeOS Operating System Browser
  17. None
  18. “Nike is going where its customer is. And its core

    customer, a 17- year-old who spends 20% more on shoes than his adult counterparts, has given up television to skip across myriad online communities” Fortune Magazine February 2012
  19. “Connecting used to be ‘Here's some product, and here's some

    advertising. We hope you like it’. Connecting today is a dialogue” Mark Parker. CEO. Nike
  20. Nike+

  21. “5 million runners now log onto Nike+ to check their

    status, set new goals, compete with friends and engage ... all in the Nike ecosystem .. Systems and platform thinking can have a profound impact on a commodity business” Systems Thinking Meets Platform Strategy and Social Media Information Magazine. March 2012
  22. What does this mean for big software vendors?

  23. Highly Architectural Strategically Critical Cheap to build Free to consume

    Widely Adopted - No Cartel Required Supports Dominance Plan With References Analysis
  24. Not Dead then, but quite poorly

  25. Thank You